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Masters in Mass Communication from the University of Southern California, the writer is a Tech journalist, currently working for FactsChronicle.

ruthless killer

An Encounter with a Ruthless Child Trafficker

One of the renowned researching journalist and investigative documentary maker- Ross Kemp is known in the world of entertainment for his soap opera, known by the name ‘Eastenders’ telecasted on…


How Technology is shaping the Future of Education

The 21st century is a technologically advanced era. We see robotic machines taking over almost every human activity and work. Every sector, may it be industry, health, medicine, games, has…


Starbucks Profits Declining in UK

  Starbucks a popular roadside coffee brand have claimed for declining profits in UK owing to the last year’s Brexit vote. Further elaborating the conclusions from the report, Starbucks have…

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