Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Gameplay leaked running smoothly on the PS4 Pro

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Resident Evil, an established and well-respected name in the gaming community. The game was first released in 1996 while the latest installment to the game, which was a remake, came out this year. Resident Evil’s next installment, Resident Evil Village is set to come out in 2021.

Rumors about the Resident Franchise surge again

The latest rumor concerns the characters that Resident Evil Village will have and the enemies the game has to offer and more. The rumor has come about due to a new playtest that was recently conducted. It appears the playtest ended up getting leaked to the public. Thus, sensitive information about the gameplay is now in the mix.

Biohazard Cast was where the leak was made public. The video entails a descriptive demonstrative version. It was apparently play tested before Resident Evil 3 was launched. Resident Evil 3’s remake came out in April of this year. The demonstrative version clearly details a scenario. The location chosen for the playtest was a cavern. Specifically, inside it that too. The character controlled by the testers was one of the feminine nature. 

Apparently, the demonstrative version begins in a rather isolated and lightless cave. This cave, as noticed by the fans, is similar to the ones in Resident Evil 7. Specifically, found towards the end of the gameplay.

Resident Evil Village’s leaked character

The feminine character that was being played in the playtest appeared to be holding something. A lantern that was lit by a flame doused in kerosene. Assumptions being made points to the idea that we have seen this character before. Some argue that she’s the same young girl seen in the trailer of the upcoming game. Since that girl too is carrying a kerosene lantern, it is only reasonable to assume so. 

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Reports say that a young girl is seen trying to run out of the caves. That appears to be the objective. The young girl does not appear to have any weapons. Sources also concur that the character looked uncomfortable and tensed. As if the young girl was trying to find something.

Resident Evil Village’s leaked gameplay and enemies

The blinding darkness of the cave was reinforced many times as well. Apparently, the gameplay got so pitch black that representatives were called in to help with lighting. That too on multiple occasions.

Within the caves, the enemies were also made clear. The enemies were bipedally known as Strigoi. A character from an earlier leak of the game also made an appearance in the cave. One of the witches that we saw in the last leak is rumored to have appeared as well.

Resident Evil 8 Village

The newly revealed enemies appear to be armed as well. They had swords on them. Moreover, rumors also indicate that they possess the ability to grab onto and bite a player if need be. Different sources have tried to draw a link with Krampus. For those of you who might not remember Krampus was an evil creature. One who punished children at Christmas. However, those sources and claims are yet to be confirmed. 


Furthermore, a look that is rather common to the gameplay of Resident Evil is one of Romanian Folklore. The leak mentions how files in the cave indicate that these new enemies are named Strigoi. A fitting name. Romanian and in-line with the aesthetics of the franchise as always.  

One of the witches that were recognized from previous leaks is said to have control over the Strigoi. The witch has been identified as well. Apparently, she is known as “Scarlett”.

Console Compatible

Moreover, another interesting fact was the console the gameplay was tested on. The PlayStation 4 Pro. No performance issues were noticed. Moreover, the game played out rather smoothly. Suggesting any and all bugs have been rendered fixed. 

Resident Evil Village will be launched for PC and Consoles in 2021.

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