PS5 Custom Faceplates up for sale – Matte Black, Silver, Camo and more

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PlayStation 5 is all set for release on Nov 12, 2020. Up until now, we know a lot about the console thanks to official Sony releases as well as third party sources. Interestingly, as we get closer to the release a lot of third-party peripherals and accessories are also popping up. One such third party release is custom PS5 Custom Faceplates that let you customize the looks of your console.

Custom faceplates are not something new to the platform. The previous generation PS4 had a lot of custom editions. However, there is one thing different with this new generation which will encourage more visual customizations. We saw in the official teardown video how easy it is to remove the outer casing of the console. This means that well get to see a lot of customized side panels both from sony as well as third party companies.

The faceplates in the discussion are created by PlateStation5. The released photos show some interesting colors and designs for the new PS5. The current color options include Matte Black, Cherry Red, Chromatic Silver, Indigo Blue, and Jungle Camo. The company says they’ll be ready to ship the custom plates by November 12th or even before that. while the other colors surely look exciting the one that looks most clean in our opinion is the Matte Black one.

Installing these is also pretty easy and straightforward. You can even buy all five and snap the one you like and keep changing. Surely that is one new customization and good feature for PS5 users. The Consoles do look better in some more colors than the official white and until Sony releases an official version players will have to rely on custom solutions.

PS5 Custom Faceplate
Source: Platestation5

Getting One:

Moving on in case your wondering how to get one. The custom faceplates cost about $56 AUD which includes free worldwide shipping. Considering the prices of PC casings this looks pretty reasonable. However, if you do buy one you have to assemble it yourself. In addition, there is still no confirmation that these custom plates work. Since the console release is still a few days ahead we can only say for sure once we try it. Also, Platestation5 is a completely new company that no one has heard of.

Still, the website does look legitimate and the plates are great to look at considering their marketing material. Here is the link to their official website so do check it out.

There is still no word from Sony about any special edition of the console. This means that right now players just have the white version. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look good it just that some of us prefer black color more. Sony has also promised a black colored Dual Sense controller perhaps they intend to release it with a black version of the console. These are still speculations and we don’t know for sure which way sony plans to go.

However, the one thing this custom plate company has shown is that PS5 looks are customizable and we will see even more companies jumping into the market once the console drops.

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