How to improve your Gaming Performance on PC

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Although it is the best time to buy the Graphics card if you want to improve your gaming if you still do not have the necessary means to buy the hardware at this time and still want to improve your gaming then follow on. I will try to provide the necessary details that will help to improve your overall gaming experience. Without further wait let’s start

Game Mode

If your Computer is meant for gaming, then most likely you will have the latest build of Windows 10 as it is the best platform for gaming. Windows 10 has a specific setting deep inside your setting menu that will help to augment your PC’s gaming capacity, by freeing up resources that the game may use.

Windows automatically turn the Game Mode on most system, but there are cases when the user has to do it. The process is easy head over to your settings, find Gaming click it and check the Game Bar, you will then see if your PC is compatible for the Game Mode. Now start any game press windows key and ‘G’ simultaneously and then turn the Game Mode on there you go the game mode is now working. You will see significant improvement in your gaming sessions as Windows will free up the resources for the game.

Image: Microsoft
Image: Microsoft

Uninstall programs

                Windows keep getting slower and slower as you install more and more programs since almost every program has some sort of background activity going on which takes up necessary resources that may otherwise be of use for the games. So, to make sure that your Operating system does not require to optimize unnecessary programs, uninstall programs that you no longer need frequently, it will help in maintaining the speed of your system, and it will help in gaming too. If you do not know how to uninstall a program, you may want to install AVG PC TuneUp program and use the 15-day free trial and then uninstall it.

Image: AVG
Image: AVG

Game-specific optimizations

All of us want to play the games at highest possible settings, but for people who cannot afford the latest hardware, games must be optimized for the specific hardware so that the games play the best with the expense of image quality. Most games automatically select the settings that will run best considering the specifications of the PC.

But these settings are not the best always, so it is suggested that if you think your computer can handle the game, you can fiddle around with the settings. Most of the settings will depend upon your Graphics card and the family of your Graphics card since many settings such as Anti- Aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, Motion Blur, Tessellation, Texture filtering or Reflection Resolution can affect different Graphics cards differently. So, there is no hard and fast rule, lowering the resolution and overall settings do help in increasing the Framerates, but the loss of image quality is huge.

However, you can adjust some settings that will improve the performance and will not hit the Graphics of the game. Anti-aliasing is the hardest setting for a GPU; even current high-end GPUs struggle to keep up with setting such as MSAA x16. The work of Anti-aliasing is that it sharpens the jagged edges of anything that you encounter in the game.

Very high Anti-aliasing will hamper the performance, but if you lower the setting, the performance boost will be a lot higher than the loss in quality. Lastly, do not be afraid to play with the advanced game setting, you may not know what specific term means but you do now the “slider” start with low settings and climb your way up until you find the best performance with best visuals. For GTA V however, we have a separate article you may want to read it if you are facing troubles with the optimization.

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

Driver updates

                One of the most important software that keeps the whole system alive is the drivers, most of us do not know what the purpose of hundreds of the drivers is, the truth is we do not need to know. Our task is to make sure that the drivers are updated. To see the drivers on your device right click on ‘My Computer’ and click manage a new window will pop up and it will have the information of each driver on your PC. Install updates if there are any.

Overclock the card

                If you are done with everything that is told this far but you still do not get the required performance boost than the last step is to overclock your Graphics card. Overclocking is easy unlike many of us think. You only need to increase the Volts and the clock speeds. To do this afterburner is required and MSI afterburner is the best, it’s easy to use, and the hassle to do the changes from the BIOS can also be prevented if the goal is to increase the clock speed slightly. For necessary details of how to overclock your graphics cards click here for the beginner’s guide and here for the advanced guide.

Image: Makeuseof
Image: Makeuseof

There you go, the gaming experience will be a lot better than what it was before.




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