God of War Ragnarök Release Date leaked via IMDB – Coming sooner than expected

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While the new consoles definitely deserve all the recognition there won’t be any point in having them if you continue to play older games. Sony has been busy advertising Spiderman: Miles Morales with its new PS5. However, God of War Ragnarök is also one of the main upcoming exclusives and selling points of the Playstation platform. Sony has been silent about the upcoming episode (apart from the teaser) in this saga. However, it looks like we might know when we’ll see the next episode.

Not only did Sony confirm this game, but it also looks like they might be planing for an earlier release. We already got a trailer, although it didn’t have much it sure did build some hype for the game. Previously, all we knew about the game was that it would come at some point in 2021. That, paired with others like Horizon Forbidden West would make 2021 an absolute heavy-hitter for Sony. Santa Monica Studios has been working on a sequel for almost three years now and fans expect something big is on the way.

Interestingly a big ray of sunshine comes towards PS5 players who can’t wait for the sequel. A new IMDb listing shows some new information about the God of War Ragnarök. According to this listing, the game will release on February 5, 2021. People were worried that Santa Monica might delay that game into 2022 but from the looks of things, Ragnarok might come even sooner than expected.

On the other hand, this date can also just be a placeholder for the original release date. Surely if the game was released this earlier Sony would have more than just the poster to market. With the company sharing more and more content for its PS5, Sony has nothing on the subject of God of War Ragnarök

Source: inverse.com

What we know:

While the release date is still not final there are a few small details we need to discuss. The story for this episode of the game is pretty straight forward and we have some clue of what will happen. People following the storyline closely for the past few episodes know that the story of Norse Gods is about to ramp up. The last game gave us a look at what might happen when Ragnarök begins.

However, game fans have also kept a close look at God of War director Cory Barlog‘s Twitter for clues. Interestingly, the account is packed with  Alien and space-related theories. Surely people are wondering if there is a connection of that with God of War Ragnarök. One speculation is either that we’re going to see some space-related things in God of War (probably not). The alternative to that is that Barlog is working on a sci-fi game that might come out in the future. Both of these speculations are pretty far fetched. The director could just be a fan of technology and space exploration.

As for some more trailers and gameplay releases, if the game is actually coming in February 2021 we might see some new content very soon. On the other hand, even if the game is delayed by a few months. Sony will surely keep the hype built-up for the upcoming title. We will see hopefully see a new trailer in the near future.

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