CS:GO – How to Fix the ‘Pack File Corruption’ Engine Error?

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive, (CS:GO) is a first-person shooting game. The game was developed and published by Valve and Hidden Path Studios. CS:GO is an online multiplayer game. It was released in 2012 on Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox. It was launched for Linux in 2014. Since its release, the game has been positively acclaimed by the critics and got positive reviews. Been released in 2012, the game still holds onto its popularity and currently has a player base of 20 million players.

Since its release, the game has been continuously updated to remove any errors and glitches. One main issue with the game is Hackers and cheats used by people in-game. However many measures have been taken against it and brought to a minimum.

One main error that people are getting is the Pack file corruption error and these are pretty much common for the users. These errors occur due to failed CS:GO files verification on PC. Most likely it could be due to missing or corrupted files or could be due to steam issue. Lately, many users have complained about pak01_85.vpk error.


Given below is the list of methods you could try to fix the Pack file corruption issue.

Restart CS: GO, Run Steam in Administrator mode

What better fix than restarting your game. Honestly, this method has been very effective to resolve such issues. Instead of technical fixes, this simple fix works like a magic wand to get errors fixed. If you encounter a file corruption error, simply turn off the game and restart it. This method kills other disturbing files running in the memory and gives a fresh start to the game.

Sometimes it could be due to issues on steam. Try restarting Steam to fix this issue. You can also delete steam and reinstall it later again. Another thing you can try is to run Steam in administrator mode. Running steam in administrator mode gives you complete control to access and modify files in the directory. To run steam as an administrator, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Steam shortcut on the desktop
  • Right-click on it and select ‘Run as Administrator’

We also suggest restarting your PC and then try to run the game. Restarting the PC help to clear the faulty memory and removes any glitches or bugs in system memory. It also kills tasks that are hindering game performance. Hopefully, these simple methods can solve the error, else follow the steps below.

Disable your Antivirus software

One reason for this error could be your antivirus system restricting game files. Chances are that your game files could be blacklisted or quarantined by the software and considers a threat to the system. You can either remove the files from the antivirus and exclude them from the blacklist. The best way is to disable your antivirus software and then play the game. For windows defender, follow the steps below to exclude the game file from the restricted list:

  • In the settings menu, go to ‘Update and Security’
  • Select Windows and Security and head to Threat and Virus
  • Go to Exclusions and select Add/Remove exclusions
  • select the files and folder you want to exclude and save the settings

Verify CS:GO File integrity from Steam

There is a high possibility that while downloading files from steam, they can be either missing or corrupted. To remove this error, it is important to verify game integrity. Steam allows you to verify game files’ integrity to remove these issues. To verify the game integrity of CS:GO, follow the steps given below:

  • In Steam, go to your Library.
  • Look for CS:GO, and right-click on it to select properties.
  • Under the Local files tab, select the ‘verify integrity files’ option.

Once the process is finished, try restarting the game, and hopefully, this step could fix your file corruption error.

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Re-download CS:GO .VPK files

The error is due to a possible fault in you .VPK files in the system. It is better to delete all the VPK files and download them again from steam integrity verification. This sets filters out any VPK file with error and you can then install new ones. To delete the files, go to your CS:GO installed directory. Then look for VPK files and delete them all. Once you have deleted the files, go to steam and re-verify game files integrity. This step will download all the VPK files and launch your game. Hopefully, it will fix your issue.

From your directory remove third party applications

One major reason for .VPK files error is due to the third-party application installed in your game directory. These third-party files are not included with the default game install. These files could be corrupted and cause error messages in-game. You can remove these file from the steps given below:-

  • Launch Steam and head onto your Library
  • Look for CS: GO and right-click on it. Select ‘Manage’
  • go to the ‘Browse local files’ option and delete files from the following paths:

             \Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\materials

              \Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\models

Once you have deleted these files, verify the game integrity again and relaunch the game and hopefully, the error would be resolved.

Reinstall CS:GO

If you are at this step, it leaves you with the last option to delete the game entirely from the system and reinstall it. Do note that this step could be very painful for players considering the game size and internet speed. Try deleting the game from the system along with all the files in the local directory and then install the game again. It deletes all the buggy files from the system along with the game. Once you delete the game, do not forget to remove any file from the directory and download the game again. Hopefully, this fix could resolve your problems.

These were some of the methods we could devise to help you fix your pack file connection error. These fixes were tried by players around the world and turned useful for them. However, if you are still facing the error, do contact the CS:GO support team and lodge your complaint so that they could look into the matter and help to fix this issue ASAP.

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