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Situations you don’t want to face in Clash of Clans (Memes)

– Addiction

The first and foremost thing we might become victim of is the addiction of playing clash of clans, even in your death bed. No jokes, I’m serious! People set alarms so that they don’t miss their war attacks or leave any of the poor builders free of work. They wake up in the middle of the night and check if their base needs something or if someone’s making fun of their attacks in the chat room. If you’re a good player, you do know what I’m talking about and surely want to add something from your experience. Sure, go ahead in the comments section below.

– Goblin Trolls

In every clan, there’s one such player who has a weird fetish of secretly donating goblins to the troops requests. He is a clever piece of mind who commits such act when there’s no one online to catch him red-handed. He could be anyone; someone you don’t promote to elder or co-leadership, someone whose war target you cleared before him, someone who doesn’t like it when you chat with his/her CoC crush or simply someone who is your friend and loves trolling you this way.

However, it’s all fun and game until this troll gets on your nerves by donating goblins in the donation troops you required for your war attack on urgent basis. Well, in this case…

 – Losing Internet Connection  

Losing connection in the middle of your attack is the pain one can’t explain in decent words; you curse hard, you swear your heart out, you throw your phone away in some worst conditions like getting close to 3 stars but SH*T! Yeah, been there, done that!

You lose connection when one of these two things happen; It’s your bad luck and bad internet OR somebody called on your phone while you were in the game. We have seen cases in which poor caller is scolded by the player just because he ruined his attack by calling him while he was in the game. So yeah, message me before you call me and confirm my presence out of the game, because if i was in, you better not be disturbing me bro!



(To be continued)

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