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Battle Strategies and Videos:

Let’s get started with the thing we are mostly playing the game for; Loot!

There are many loot attacks’ strategies, depending on which town hall level you’re at. But we have gotten one of the strongest ones to start with. Farming attack strategy, using mass miners and queen walk. This strategy is highly effective for looting dark elixir. Here’s how!

Troops Used:

5 healers
2 wizards
6 wall breakers
and Miners

2 rages
3 heals


King (but you can easily do it without King)
Queen (requires level 25 for this attack)

(Note: Farming Attack can only be done from townhall level 10 and 11)

Expert’s Tip: Try making funnel (clear sides with the help of your heroes) so that miners can directly go to the center of the base.

100% Damage War Attack for TH9 and TH10:

As the level of your town hall increases, everything else gets bigger and stronger too; be it your base, its defense or your war opponent. Winning 3 stars by completely destroying your rival’s base becomes equally tougher as the competition is. In this case, only few strategies work 100% in getting you total 3 stars from your war attack. One of such war attack strategies has been used in the attack shown below.. Using Queen walk and Hogs! Do try it!

Troops Used:

5 healers,
8 wall breakers,
6 wiz
26 hogs
And Max hogs in War CC


3 Heal
2 Rage


For TH9: Queen lvl 20+
For TH10: Queen lvl 30+

How this attack works?

Queen walk attack is always targeted to kill the enemy queen and CC troops of your opponent. So hold your hogs until your Queen walk has slayed the enemy queen and the cc troops, then you can release hogs afterwards. Use healing spells on your hogs when they face splash damage or giant bombs. Wizards are used for cleaning up the opponent’s base after the threat is low.

Expert’s Tip: When deploying wall breakers to pave a way in for your queen, you must always first deploy only one wall breaker so that it triggers the bombs if there are any in your way. Then you can proceed carefully!

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