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Patriots Day Rally Takes Heat

While other protests took place in different cities of USA as ‘Tax Day’ on Saturday- April 15th, almost 21 individuals got arrested at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California, for…


North Korean medium-range missile test fails

North Korea conducted a medium-range missile test on Sunday despite US tensions. The missile exploded after five seconds of its launch. North Korea came across a high-profile missile failure. The ballistic…


Student shot dead over blasphemy accusations

One dead and five injured in a clash at Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, Pakistan. A Mass Communication student, named Mardan was shot dead at Abdul Wali Khan University…


The real reason behind Alamaba’s Governor Resignation

It has been confirmed through several sources that Governor Robert Bentley will be resigning today, April 10th, 2017- Monday. Alabama’s legislature has decided to remove the governor. Robert Bentley (R)…

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