The real reason behind Alamaba’s Governor Resignation

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It has been confirmed through several sources that Governor Robert Bentley will be resigning today, April 10th, 2017- Monday.

Alabama’s legislature has decided to remove the governor. Robert Bentley (R) – Governor of Alabama reached the agreement with the state’s lawmakers and the law enforcement officials in event of the investigation being carried out in his personal affairs and the speculations of Ethics Commission of the state for the relationship with senior political advisor Rebekah Mason. He clearly avoided the impeachment debate and decided to quit because he would, most certainly, have lost. According to sources, the governor will be resigning at the staff meeting at 1430hrs (CDT).

After Bentley’s sexually evocative conversations on the phone with Rebekah Mason were presented by his 50 years old wife- Dianne Bentley, they got divorced in the year 2015. According to her, she was suspicious so when Bentley went to a trip to the beach with Dianne. She intentionally left her phone on recording and she went for a walk. It caught the governor talking to Rebekah Mason on a call in which he said he loved her and then started an awkward dirty conversation. Bentley said:

“When I stand behind you and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts, and I put my hands on you and pull you in real close, hey, I love that, too.”

Upon confrontation, Bentley denied of ever having any physical connection with Mason, thus keeping it a secret.

Bentley’s downfall is not only connected to the love-affair but also includes the misuse of state resources and his political place for the cover-up of the relationship, by intimidating staffers and firing few of the top law enforcement officials of the state. The governor dismissed the head of Law Enforcement Agency- Spencer Collier in March 2016, the reason for which later came out to be Collier’s refusal for covering up the scandal and his accusations on the governor for having inappropriate relationships. The existence a sex tape of Dianne Bentley was also revealed by Collier, which got leaked a few days later.

Soon afterward, a report was issued by the Alabama Republicans; comprising of Senate President-Pro Tem Del Marsh House and Speaker Mac McCutcheon asking Bentley, on Sunday, to step down.

A political analyst of Alabama- Steve Flowers said:

“Our laws are pretty stringent, that’s why he’s going to be convicted and removed from office. It’s a heck of a soap opera.”

The media of Alabama claimed that the Governor was having negotiations regarding the matter, upon which Bentley, on Friday, denied bearing in mind to step down. In a press conference, he said:

“I do not plan to resign. I have done nothing illegal. If the people want to know if I misused state resources, the answer is simply no. I have not.”

Also, Bentley’s spokesperson, Yasamie August, said that he did not get involved in any of such talks; however, she made no comments regarding reports of Bentley’s resignation on Monday.

Robert Bentley (R) is the 3rd Governor of Alabama in the last quarter century to have faced such charges. Others Former governors who have been convicted of the treachery include Gov. Guy Hunt (R) and Gov. Don Siegelman (D).

The new governor of the Alabama state, after Bentley’s resignation, will be Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey (R)-the state’s 2nd Female Governor.

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