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Call Of Duty Warzone: Season 5 Update brings a train and stadium footage

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Call of Duty: Warzone season 5 update is about to bring some new content in the battle royale map. According to various teasers and leaks of season 5, the new season will have a train of some sort involved in the gameplay. Along with the train, we also see the inside of the stadium.

The Famous 2019 FPS game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare remains one of the best multiplayer games to date. The free to play battle royale part of this game Warzone is extremely popular. Warzone has also received several season updates with the actual game. New weapons and bug fixes are the main focus of season updates in the game, but this time the developers have bigger plans.

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Season 4 of the multiplayer game was an incredible journey for the players. With that massive success of this season, players are hyped for Season 5, which is anticipated to be the best one yet. While we won’t be getting a completely new map in-game this time, but there are several improvements and new features added to the old one. Another big news for the game fans is that the famous protagonist of Call of Duty game franchise Captain Soap MacTavish is coming to Warzone.


The latest season 5 teaser comes from Tyler Polchow, a famous twitch streamer. He received a package from the game developer Activision. The competitive Call of Duty streamer got a video in this package, which he showed in his twitch live stream.

Now the video shows CCTV footage from inside the stadium. Some kind of blast soon destroys the camera showing footage. One common explanation about the explosion among gamers it that it is a nuclear bomb because we have already seen those in the Warzone bunkers. Here is a tweet showing the footage

This is undoubtedly not the first time Activision has shown the fans a teaser using twitch streamers. They previously teased a train in the new season update of Warzone. A twitch streamer also revealed this—faZe Clan streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff in his twitch stream.

The package Kolchef received contained a Rook chess piece. Inside the chess piece was the USB drive, which included the teaser video. Rook is the symbol of Shadow Company, the antagonist fraction in Modern Warfare 2. This hints that we will see a lot of new detail about it in the game once the update drops. In case you missed the stream, here is a video.

In addition to the leaks in the Juneteeth Warzone Charity stream, we heard a lot about the new season from Taylor Kurosaki. Kurosaki is the current narrative lead at Infinity Ward. We got to know more about the upcoming character, Soap, in the game.

The main highlight of the stream was that the task force 141 is in the final stages, and Commander Soap will soon greet us. They also announced that there would not be a new map anytime in the near future. The Verdansk story is also just begun, and developers hope to keep it going for a while.

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Season 5 of the Warzone will start on 5th August. The 4th season ends on 4th August at 10 am PDT according to the Battle Pass expiring timer. The Release dates or times can vary because of the COVID  pandemic as companies are facing logistical and other difficulties. With that said, in the past major COD updates always arrive on a Wednesday at 7 am so it’s better to stay tuned around that time.


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