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Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Fix Memory Error HKS during matches?

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When it comes to competitive, esports category games, few genres generate as much excitement as first-person shooters. There’s just something about heart-pounding action, tense gunplay, and the sense of battlefield camaraderie between teammates that make for fine entertainment. And for millions of players worldwide, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing skill and practice net you your hard-fought victory. So whether you play popular shooters like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, or Call of Duty Warzone, the rush remains the same.

With regards to the last, we’d argue that the thrill might just trump all other games. Why, you ask? Because the massive map size, diverse arsenal of weapons, steady mechanics, and huge player count make this battle royale shooter one of the best ever. Sorry, Apex Legends and PUBG, your time has come. Warzone offers an unparalleled and no-frills competitive multiplayer experience. The superb weapon handling, graphics (even allowing raytracing!), and easy-to-use crossplay leave other titles in the dust.

However, in Warzone’s case, a few major issues need rectification, as soon as possible. Some game-breaking exploits include the infamous stim-heal, which allows players near-invincibility. Other areas of player dissatisfaction include weapon balancing, with a certain DMR outperforming almost every other matchup due to its sheer advantageousness. And, arguably the most serious, a Warzone memory error has emerged since last year that still hasn’t been quashed. And it’s simply ruining matches for millions of players.

The Warzone HKS Error kicks players out of matches and displays an error code

Picture this: You and your squad remain one of only two remaining teams contending for first place. The map is rapidly shrinking, such that you know you have only a slim chance of victory now, as does the enemy. You spot the last enemy with your scope and aim for the round-winning headshot.

Suddenly, you get booted from the match into the title screen, and all your disoriented eyes see is a message. The Warzone error code HK:S appears, showing you a string of numbers that may vary. Codes like “Hk:s=596768m=55482560:12717632” are not uncommon. Worst of all? That last match counted as a loss for you because you apparently broke the multiplayer connection.

If this somehow still isn’t frustrating enough, note that this error is highly persistent. Players affected by this Warzone HK:S Error code remain unable to join matches for long, unpredictable durations. This issue, unfortunately, occurs seemingly across all platforms, meaning the PC, Xbox, and PS5 communities all suffer accordingly. The leading explanation for this issue is corrupted memory files in the game’s directory, due to unforeseeable reasons.

If you experience this Warzone HKS Error too, all hope is not lost. Keep in mind that Activision and Raven Software, the key developers, likely are aware of this issue. Therefore, you can probably expect a patch or update coming eventually that will fix this issue. Until then, take a look at our own guide on how to solve the Warzone memory error. Only the safest, reliable, and straightforward fixes appear here, so don’t worry!

1) Restart your PC or console, then launch Warzone again

Sometimes the answer sits right under our noses. A simple cliche (the classic “try turning it off and on again”) could work wonders. This is because your computer or console is essentially a collection of complex running processes. Over a period of time, small little errors or corrupted data sets can snowball into a colossal system error. In that case, games like Warzone might face unexpected crashes or errors with the online portion. Therefore, restarting your system can kill off the malfunctioning processes and make sure they launch correctly. Then, retry your game and hopefully, it’ll stay error-free.

Small note, however, for console players: make sure the system and game close properly. The Xbox and PS5 UI both use the Standby Mode by default, meaning sometimes you might accidentally suspend your game instead of shutting down. Ensure that the game and console therefore properly shut down and restart back up.

2) Try to change your Regiment (clan) memberships on your Activision account

This fix may come off as a bit of a stretch, but several players online swear by it. Apparently, the issue is caused by poor memory allocations in the game directory, as mentioned before. However, these errors may become exacerbated by certain processes carried out online. It sounds ludicrous, we know, but these Warzone server errors and related issues stem from the most minor of discrepancies. As users note, joining a Regiment seems to trigger the bug. Therefore, the fix is to leave all Regiments.

Furthermore, some suggest trying to log in to your Activision account on a different platform, then leaving Regiments. While this may seem inconvenient unless you own multiple platforms or have friends with different systems, it might be worth checking out. Login to your account and start the game, then quit and try the same on your own system.

3) On PS4 and PS5, you can repair the game’s database to eliminate Warzone errors

Sometimes, it’s best to troubleshoot from within rather than unfamiliar sources. While Activision’s online service may certainly prove guilty, internal errors on your console can also lead to similar bugs. Therefore, if you own Sony’s consoles, you can repair game databases to fix such issues. Power off your PS4 or PS5 fully, avoiding Standby Mode, then hold the power-on button. Wait till you hear a distinct audio cue, indicating Safe Mode, and release. From here, look for game settings, and Rebuild Database.

This process works wonders for your saved game. It doesn’t delete your installation but seeks out any errors and corrupted memory. Then, it precisely and effectively repairs the affected process. It also reorganizes your storage so Warzone HKS errors become less likely. Honestly, the Xbox really needs this lifesaving feature.

4) Reinstall your game

The absolute worst thing in the world is slow, long, grueling game downloads. Ordinarily, a simple standard home network speed is sufficient for reasonably quick game downloads. However, since Warzone is around 100 GB, the download can take a significant amount of time for the average household.

Regardless, keep in mind the purpose of the reinstall. This fix will erase all poorly running processes, and kill off corrupted data files. Most importantly, it will fix your Warzone game directory to prevent the error. After this, your game should run with no major issues.

For more on Warzone, PC gaming, and useful tips, stay posted!

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