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Call of Duty: From close-range to snipers, Best Loadouts for all Warzone playstyles

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Call of Duty: Warzone is a new addition to the Modern Warfare world. Up to 150 players can combat in this battle royale, and the sweetest thing: it’s free for all!

Loadouts are something many veteran Call of Duty players are used to by now. They determine your equipment in normal multiplayer, and you can have multiple custom loadout options, best suited for your level.

But, Warzone takes it to a whole new level.

Like many battle royale platforms, loadouts are essential to the gameplay. However, in Call of Duty: Warzone they play a more integral role. To top the leaderboards, you need to be adept with these loadouts.

Don’t stress. We’ve compiled all Warzone loadout tricks. Whatever your playstyle, just a little practice and you’ll be sitting at the top of the leaderboards in no time.

Let’s dig into the best loadouts for COD: Warzone.

A little investment first!

Since, it’s is a battle royale, not a lot of the good stuff is free. The same goes for loadouts.

First, you have to search around for cash, head to a Buy Station once you’ve got a nice $10,000 on you. After buying the Loadout Drop Marker you just need to find a quiet spot to put it down. Once it’s landed you can choose which of your loadouts you want.

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If you don’t mind sweating a little, you can get these loadouts for free as well, as long as you are able to fight on without the privilege that they have; thanks to two free drops in the loadout.

The first of these occurs approximately 13 seconds before gas closes in on the first circle. The second happens about 44 seconds before closing in on the 5th circle.

A banner flash across the screen will be seen saying the loadouts are dropping. Unfortunately, there are no fixed places for those drops, so you’ll just need to keep an eye out for them whenever you get the alert.

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There’s one downside to this approach. Since, a lot of players a looking out for these loadouts, you’re quite likely to attract attention. Best be careful when you’re in proximity.

Fire sales are also in Warzone. These are brand-new to Season 4, and while they’re perfect for doing stuff like buying respawns and saving for other purchases, they don’t affect Loadouts at all. So, if you’re saving for a Loadout, just purchase it!


Whatever the source of your Warzone loadouts, make sure you set up one or two custom loadouts in the menus, otherwise you’ll only be able to pick from the default presets only. Honestly, that can be a little annoying!

So, which are the best custom loadouts?

Without further ado, let’s see what are the best custom loadouts for your playstyle.

Grau 5.56 loadout – Best General Loadout

The Grau 5.56 might not be the best Warzone assault rifles, but its exceptional accuracy between mid and long-range makes it a perfect primary for your loadout.

grau 5,56, loadouts, warzone, call of duty
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Throw in these attachments to mix and you’ve got just the killer for yourself.

  • Commando Foregrip
  • Tempus 26.4″ Archangel
  • Frangible Disabling
  • 60 Round Mags
  • Monolithic Suppressor

The Grau 5.56 makes for a superb main weapon. With these attachments it’s good for the long range too. If anyone manages to sneak in close enough, we suggest pairing it up with a 725 as a secondary. This will give you protection in close range scenarios as well.

M4A1 loadout – another exceptional General Loadout

While the M4A1 is not the best in the business anymore, it is by no means a weak choice. It is still good for almost all ranges and even in combat it won’t let you down.

m4a1, warzone, loadouts, call of duty
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Add these attachments using M4A1 as your primary and you’ve got yourself just the all-rounder you need.

  • Singuard Arms Invader
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Commando Foregrip
  • Operator Reflex Sight

In case you need an emergency kill or two, pair the M4A1 with an RPG-7 secondary. This gun is mostly for beginners, but it is a delight nonetheless.


AX-50 loadout – Best sniper loadout

If you don’t mind losing on looking your enemy in the eyes when killing, sniping has got a lot of scope. Pun intended. AX-50 is one of the best in the sniping business.

ax-50, loadouts, warzone, call of duty
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Add these attachments to your AX-50 primary and you’ll be a force to reckon with!

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Thermal Dual Power Scope
  • Presence of Mind
  • 32.0 Factory Barrel
  • Singuard Arms Assassin

Your main aim should be to not use a secondary. But, better safe than sorry, you should pair it up with a 725  just in case.

HDR loadout – Best extreme range loadout

If the AX-50 isn’t your cup of tea, HDR is pretty well equipped in itself. With an exceptional stopping power, HDR loadout can take out your enemies from afar.

warzone, loadouts, hdr, call of duty
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The best set of attachments for HDR as your primary is:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Thermal Dual Power Scope
  • Presence of Mind
  • 26.9” HDR Pro
  • FTAC Champion

The best secondary pairing with this loadout is Renetti.

MP5 loadout – Best close range loadout

If you’re someone who likes to play it close to the chest, you best be well prepared for everything. MP5 ensures that you’re killing you’re enemies just the way you intend.

warzone, loadouts, call of duty, mp5
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Add these attachments to your MP5 primary to make your kills even more pleasing.

  • FSS Close Quarters Stock
  • FSS Mini
  • Rubberized Grip Tape
  • Tactical Foregrip
  • Sleight of Hand

For occasional long range shots, we recommend pairing your MP5 with an AX-50.

Take away!

Hopefully we’ve covered all the best loadouts for your favorite playstyles. Now, all you need is a bit of practice and you’ll be formidable.

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