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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – How to fix the Fatal Error in Zombies

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If you want to dive into an authentic racing experience, you automatically think of the Forza series. When you picture a great creative sandbox, your think of Minecraft. And when it comes to blockbuster AAA shooters, Call of Duty games easily take the spotlight. Whether or not they offer the best experience is subjective, of course. But it remains undoubted that the series has maintained relevance and success throughout the years, thanks to their winning formulas. The latest entry, Black Ops Cold War, is no exception.

The game is set in the not-so-distant past, primarily during the Cold War era. Functioning as a sequel to the previous Black Ops games, fan-favorite characters return in the campaign mode. This includes original protagonist Alex Mason, and his roguish comrade, Woods. Together they try to put an end to a cliched Russian megalomaniac, and the stakes remain as nuclear as ever. The multiplayer as well offers a familiar, unimaginative experience already run to the ground before.

The game’s biggest highlight is its signature Zombies mode, and the game knows it. Featuring a plethora of maps, new and old, as well as a wide arsenal of weapons, this mode offers tons of entertainment value. The coop feature, split-screen or online, offers players and their friends a challenging yet satisfying time.

In fact, developers Activision and Infinity Ward recently capitalized on the Zombies hype by offering a free weekend of Zombies. The aim, which succeeded, was to garner attention and market their addictive, fun shooter.

Players have recently reported encountering a Cold War Zombies Fatal Error

Like Warzone, Black Ops Cold War is far from technically flawless. The game suffers from occasional bugs, game-ruining exploits and cheaters in multiplayer. However, one of the most serious of these issues it the somewhat common fatal error in Zombies. This issue occurs when affected players load into their games, and attempt to enter the Zombies mode. A notification message appears, bearing news of an unexpected Zombies fatal error. This message is often accompanied by an error code, such as ‘887a0005‘, ‘887a0006‘ or ‘0xb93de0a6 D‘.

When encountering this issue, concerned gamers report the inability to launch the game properly. It seems the error stems from an internal data error in the system UI, or perhaps from a missing or broken installation file. Because Zombies is treated as a bundled title within the overall game, the latter is probably a better theory.

Furthermore, it seems the Zombies Fatal Error is exclusive to the PC version of the game. Additionally, some players claim that these error codes also appear on Warzone and Modern Warfare. However, that is not in itself unusual since the 3 games integrate together.

However, keep in mind that this problem doesn’t necessarily have to stay. Infinity Ward is already aware of the issue and is probably working on a patch or update soon. Until then, we show you the most effective ways to resolve the Cold War Zombies fatal error on PC.

1) Restart your PC, then launch Cold War again

The main issue with gaming on a PC is the elaborate, complex tasks going on under the hood. With so many tasks executed at once, you’d think at least one of them would go wrong. When these processes startup, misbehavior can arise and associated data sets buggy. This is why the age-old “try turning it off and on again” works wonders at times. Restarting your computer essentially kills off erratic processes and their improper data caches. Once this is done, try launching your game again. By now, the corrupted memory will have disappeared, and the process correctly running. This should prevent the Zombies fatal error.

2) Make sure you have up-to-date game drivers

The fatal error generally occurs due to the malfunctioning files and data sets in the game. When developers want to combat this without a full-blown patch or update, they add optimization and bug fixes to game drivers. These small packages of data contain improvements and stabilizers to the game itself. Therefore, a responsible gamer is one who regularly checks for new driver updates and installs.

The source of your drivers depends on your GPU brand. If you have an Nvidia card, check the GeForce Experience app. For AMD users, just click here.

3) Repair game files in the launcher

Like Steam, the launcher offers a hidden but highly useful tool. The ability to resolve errors and improve performance has always been under our noses. To do this, simply click on the Black Ops Cold War logo on the launcher icon. From there, look for the Scan And Repair option. This tool essentially checks its data file record against the ones on your PC. Any discrepancies show up on its records? No problem, will erase and replace with the correct files in no time.

This tool is a lifesaver for many gamers. The process ensures that the next time, your game will run more smoothly, and resolves fatal errors. Just make sure to retry your game afterward.

4) Reinstall the game

We understand completely why anyone would hesitate to delete and then redownload Black Ops Cold War. The game comes as a massive 175 GB or more file size. In that regard, it is following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Modern Warfare and Warzone. Now, the three Call of Duty games are all linked thanks to Warzone’s integration. However, depending on your internet bandwidth, this download can take significant amounts of time. Many players also find it difficult to do so since you lose any saved gaming data not backed up to the cloud.

If you still cannot bring yourself to doing it, just remember the benefits. Any corrupted game files in the installation, which lead to errors, get eliminated. Your storage is freed up and cleaned up of bugs and mismanaged allocations of data. This means that when you reinstall Black Ops Warzone, you will see a better performance gain. And, hopefully, it will resolve the Cold War Zombies Fatal Error issue.

For more on Call of Duty, news, and handy guides, stay tuned!

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