Among Us currently under attack from Hackers sending spam to lobbies

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The story of Among Us is a fascinating one. The Mafia-esque game came out way back in 2018 but missed everyone’s radar. However, 2 years later, the game got a miraculous resurgence into the limelight thanks to Twitch streamers. And, despite some server capacity struggles early on, the game has established itself as something that is here to stay.

Among Us is still currently topping the Twitch charts every day. However, that explosive popularity also comes with some downsides. For instance, players have been reporting some increasing toxicity in public lobbies lately. In addition to that, the number of hackers that just zip around the map and kill all crewmates has also been steadily on the rise.

With that said, a new wave of attacks on Among Us is by far the biggest and widest we’ve seen yet. According to players, hackers have been attacking random lobbies in games and leaving spam messages within the chat. This hack can affect anyone and has been reported by hundreds of people at this point.

Hackers spamming chats run rampant in Among Us

The attack is a rather peculiar one though. This is because rather than gaining an advantage over the other players, this one is being used for propaganda purposes. Called ‘Eris Loris’ the attack essentially spam sends out the message “subscribe to eris loris | Trump 2020” from all crewmates in chat.

Eris Loris is a YouTuber who only has a few videos on his channel. However, most of those videos are catered towards showing off homemade hacks for different games. So, this could all be part of a big publicity stunt. Having said that, a deeper problem runs here.

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As you must have noticed, AOC, who is a leftist politician, streamed Among Us on her Twitch channel a few days ago. This was all done as a way of encouraging people to vote.

And, as AOC’s political views are very different from those on Donald Trump’s side, this could be some strange form of retaliation from a Trump supporter. In any case, this hack is just bizarre and you should avoid public lobbies in Among Us for the time being.

Among Us Developer InnerSloth responds to hack reports

According to the developer of Among Us, InnerSloth, the increase in hacker activity could potentially be due to a couple of reasons. First, the game’s obvious increasing popularity, especially within the political sphere after AOC’s stream. In addition to that, the developer has also been adding volunteer servers to meet rapidly growing demands.

Since Innersloth is still a very small developer, keeping up with all of these issues can be hard. And, while the developer is working to fix these issues, we should probably be more forgiving as well. On its official Twitter account, Innersloth posted that the team is “super-duper aware of the current hacking issues”.

In addition to that, the developers also stated that they have sent out an emergency update to the game that will somewhat put a cork on these issues until they are resolved for good. So, you may experience random disconnections during games due to emergency maintenance reasons.

Among Us is currently out on PC, Android, and iOS. The PC version is available to purchase on Steam while the mobile versions are free-to-play with ads.

Have you encountered the Eris Loris hack in Among Us yet? Let us know down in the comments below!


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