Zuckerberg Considering Not to Force Hawaiian Land Owners to Sell Their Land

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is currently reconsidering the matter of forcing several Hawaiian natives in selling their land on the island of Kauai.

Zuckerberg owns an estate on the island and had previously stated that he will force the natives to sell their property so as to make his estate more private.

However, after several waves of criticism that were launched against him since then, the Facebook CEO is currently reevaluating his entire scheme.

The files that were made by Zuckerberg are called ‘quiet title actions’ which are specifically for inheritance of land in which inhabitants have inherited it for several generations, yet do not possess formal documents as proof.

The Voices Were Heard

Zuckerberg made a statement afterwards in which he said that due to the criticism and disapproval he had received from several within the local community, he will be reconsidering this matter.

Zuckerberg added that he wants to assure before going forward that he respects the centuries old traditions of the natives, to help safeguard the environment, and to help protects the interests of current land owners.

Dealing With Love

Kaniela Ing, the state representative for Hawaii stated that she respects and admires Zuckerberg’s reconsideration into the matter and admires his willingness to hold further talks.

Ing then requested for the legal actions to be dropped by Zuckerberg, and then to have a positive dialogue regarding this matter in which they can both seek the benefit for the Hawaiian culture as well as its land.

As soon as the Facebook founder had stated on Facebook his plans for the force sale he seeks to go ahead with, an outcry immediately resulted against his plans.

Zuckerberg stated that no native Hawaiian will actually be forced to leave their lands, adding that most of the native will be receiving an amount of money they never thought they even possessed to begin with.

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