Your Home’s Must-Have Best Eco-Friendly Gadgets

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Have you ever considered the environment as a priority? Protecting nature and being eco-friendly promotes a way towards sustainable future. Promoting green economy in business and corporate world can help to cause minimum environmental harm and a way forward towards source protection. Here are few selected products out of many. Make your living fancy and live with style by adopting strategy towards Eco-Friendly Gadgets.

  1. Plazmatic X Flameless Lighter

Are you frustrated of igniting your lighters? Are you fed up of wasting time and money on disposable and refillable lighters? Plasmatic presents you a solution, beautifully designed, eco-friendly (butane free), USB rechargeable, and flameless lighter at your service. It is eco-friendly Lighter Patented Design you will ever find.

Plazmatic X Flameless Lighter is electrically operated, rechargeable lighter via standard USB port. It takes almost one hour to get fully charged and provides a user with over 100 lights on a full charge. It is easy to clean to maintain condition and addition of ultra-durable zinc alloy case makes it more durable. Equipped with long-lasting lithium ion battery maintains the product safety.

Plazmatic flameless lighter will surely replace other unsustainable lighters in the market. Being a user-friendly windproof product, you can light it in any direction by pushing the ignition button; it also provides better control over the ignition. Get these reliable, easy to use, versatile lighters to light your candles or glass wares.

  1. Mini Wooden USB Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier

During summers, air gets much dry in homes as well as in cars. If you are looking for better ways to make your car smell fresh, go for eco-friendly Mini Wooden Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier. To prevent seasonal odor, humidifiers play the best role in refreshing the air quality we breathe.

Simply fill the water into tank aided with measuring cup. Don’t fill it directly from the tap. Clean it regularly to prevent from malfunction.

Its eco-friendly design is made out of wood that looks visually pleasing and is highly durable too. Making its design more versatile, the USB outlet provides for charging it easily.  You can choose between different colors of your choice. Place humidifier in the car or carry it indoor with you. Grab one now and make your car smell fresh around the clock.

Dry air may cause sinuses leading to nasal complications. As a matter of fact, this humidifier also features skin protection. It refreshes and keeps skin healthy and moist. Its essential oil smell feels so nice and refreshing providing Aromatherapy which relieves stress.

  1. CycleBoard

If you want to get an exciting riding experience, get this state of the art World’s Most Versatile Stand-up Electric Scooter. It is something new and innovative for gadget geeks. CycleBoard is the electrically charged device with a negligible emission of pollutants.

CycleBoard is the stand-up electric vehicle with dual front wheels and a single rear wheel. It is also equipped with the innovative lean-to-steer system. Take a ride with multiple styles and lead the way by having fun ride regardless of your age. A rider of 250 lbs weight can ride to a range of up to 25 miles with speed of 20 miles per hour. Its maximum handlebar height is 40-44 inches which ensure revolutionary steering. Charge it for the time of 2 – 4.5 hours and get an amazing experience with this stand-up electric vehicle ever created.

  1. Kobi Robotic Lawn Mower

Mow your lawn all year round with Kobi Robotic Lawn Mower. This three-mode lawn mower can prove to be your self-managing reliable gardener all the time. It works on three modules including mowing your lawn, removing leaves and blowing away snow. If you want your time and health to be better off, get this efficient garden care partner.

According to the study conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an estimated amount of over 17 million gallons of fuel is spilled while refueling fuel-powered garden equipment. Even the gas-powered mowers account for 5% of air pollution. Get electrically operated, super efficient Kobi Lawn Mower connected to an app. Control it through your smart phones and get autonomous authority over your mini robot.

  1. Suaoki Portable Solar Panel Lamp

You must have heard of solar plates but have you ever heard of solar panel lamps? Yes, these eco-friendly solar panel lamps do exist which can be charged directly from the sun as well as through micro USB port. Depending on utility choose between three lightening modes, low, high or SOS blinking upon emergency.

You can carry these portable lamps with you anywhere, which can be easily adjusted to any particular space and fold it for comfortable handling. Aided with the hook, these lamps can also be hung on tree or camp during any outdoor activity. Equipped with guaranteed safety during use, additional protection is provided by Smart Protection Chip. It protects the lamp from overcharging, over-discharging and over a circuit. Get these smart, eco-friendly Solar Panel Lamps for you next hangout or camping!

  1. Solar Sun Tree

When wisdom meets creativity there comes great wonders. Some gadgets present best examples of the right choice based on their creativity and ability to serve as home décor. One example of it is nature inspired charger named as “Solar Sun Tree”, having multiple charging outlets in form of branches. Based on the concept of solar harvesting the charger has the capacity of 5.2V/20mA per solar panel leaf and the battery power output capacity of 5V/1000mA.

Made out of bamboo wood, the eco-friendly Sun Tree Charger bears 9 solar leaves that can easily harvest enough solar energy to power your mobile phone or MP3 player. It comes with a USB output slot and a mini USB input slot which enables you to charge up the built-in battery. Connect the micro-USB port to external power for charging.

  1. Energy Saving Eco Kettle

People enjoy tea and coffee every day but it becomes more fun when it is coupled with a passion for saving electricity. We can save water by viewing the water level in kettle aided by marks on it. Here we present you with a solution for this, Eco Kettle which is pretty much same as any other kettles. It heats water efficiently and boils as much water as it is needed to save electricity.

According to research, the average standard kettle in the UK is used to boil water seven times per day with the average, while in British getting through 4.3 cups of tea per day.

Energy Saving Eco Kettle is quite simple to use, saving a lot of electricity every time you use. The kettle has a separate chamber for water. In order to boil water simply press a button to release the amount of water needed into the boiling chamber.


Adopt mind-ful approach towards utility of products while keeping the advantages and disadvantages in view. By sharing collective interests we can become part of growing eco-friendly community as well.

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