Young Boy Killed in Accident on Wakefield Driveway

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A young boy has been accidentally run over on the driveway of a house in Wakefield. Police say an investigation is underway in order to find out exactly what happened.

A young boy, reportedly a toddler was tragically killed in an accident on a driveway in Wakefield. West Yorkshire Police said this was a “tragic accident.” It happened on Lingwell Nook Lane, Lofthouse on Wednesday at about 14:15 local time. The toddler reportedly died at the scene.


A police spokesperson said an investigation will be carried out to find out the exact details of the accident. The identity and age of the young boy has not yet been revealed.

Neighbors in the area have reported hearing the emergency services and air ambulance, and have expressed their sadness about the unfortunate incident.

Ian Fryer said: “I heard the helicopter landing at about 2pm and then the next minute loads of police arriving, ambulances and I just stood out in the street for a little while with the neighbours looking at what had happened.”


Ian Whitworth told BBC Radio Leeds: “I’m completely devastated, completely shocked. It’s a small road and although we don’t know each other intimately we know each other well enough to say ‘hi’.”

“I can’t imagine how awful it must be and I feel terrible for the family.”

Reave Westwell, who lives nearby said: “Police said it was a sensitive issue. I’m just a bit shocked because it’s a really quiet road.”

A statement from the Police said: “Police are investigating an incident following a fatal collision that occurred between a child and a car.

“Emergency services including ambulance attended; a young boy sustained serious injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Enquiries are continuing to establish the circumstances around this tragic incident.”

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