Yes it’s Right – The YouTube Mobile Live streaming option is not available to everyone yet

Yes it’s Right – The YouTube Mobile Live streaming option is not available to everyone yet

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Everyone heard about the YouTube’s live streaming feature from quite some time earlier but the sad news is that this option is not available for everyone yet.

It gave the option of availability to select different channels with a definite amount of subscribers but after that, the YouTube’s company started to minimize all of the functionalities. So, the idea behind opening the live streaming feature is by lowering the requirements on the subscriber counts to gain access to the feature.

But since Google has stated an opposite statement that this feature is available to all the users present on the website. But in actual the access is for some particular subset of YouTube’s users for the time being. They further said that this launch of live streaming would be going to happen in a while and the company has just renamed it on Android and iOS as YouTube – Watch, Upload and Share Videos”.

Different people have different views on this like an authentic source said that YouTube wants to have the users without the hassle and responsibility of subscription requirements. But again this statement was also denied and strongly rejected by the company.

Everybody knows that the company was working the live streaming idea since many months back. This amazing feature allows people to go live from their phones to stream live directly to their YouTube channel easily. It’s an amazing feature with a user-friendly touch as well.

Similarly, another report from the same authenticated source claimed that initially the live streaming option was open to all of the users but then Google made some changes in the policies by introducing that the people who create videos should have a particular and definite number of subscribers on their channels to have this live streaming feature. This can be the possible reason behind all of this drama too.

It has some strong supportive proofs as well like firstly this feature was accessible to all of the video creators who had 10,000 channel subscribers or more than this. So, it can be said that this feature was only accessible to those people who were really famous on YouTube and were one of the bigger content creators on YouTube platform.

But as I mentioned earlier that the policies were changed after that and the number of subscribers was dropped down to only 1,000 subscribers only. This action was done just to expand this feature and service for the masses.

The strange thing is that if this policy is not being implemented now then why it is mentioned on the Google’s support page yet from the start. This is the reason that the Google is still quiet on this matter and YouTube has dropped down many of the users from this amazing feature now.

Many of the testers decided to test this feature whether it works or not so some of the users who had less than 1,000 subscribers tried to go live and it was confirmed then that they can successfully access the option to go live.

When they clicked the record button, they had two options then. First was to record the video and second were to ‘Go Live’. But one thing more which was noticed by the testers that users who had subscribers less than 1,000 but they should have a verified account with the YouTube in order to gain this amazing feature.


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