Xstat – The Life Saving Syringe

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The Xstat Rapid Hemostasis System is a sponge filled life-saving syringe. This device was developed by RevMedX in Wilsonville, Ore. It was first approved to be used on Battlefield in 2014 and was first shipped to the United States military in April 2015. It can stop the severe bleeding within seconds where a tourniquet can’t be used.

The syringe is filled with the tablet like cellulose sponges that are coated with a Hemostatic agent that expands 10 times the original size once injected into the wound and can staunch the life-threatening bleeding.

The Xstat was first used on a US military​ soldier, who was shot in the left thigh. The soldier’s femoral artery was severely damaged causing excessive bleeding. The Doctors were unable to stop the bleeding even after 7-hours of surgery, multiple units of blood transfused to the soldier to cover up the loss. The Doctors then decided to bring the Xstat syringe which stopped the bleeding within 15 seconds, saving the life of the soldier.

The CEO and President of RevMedx, Andrew Barofsky says: “We are pleased to see XStat play a critical role in saving a patient’s life and hope to see significant advancement toward further adoption of XStat as a standard of care for severe hemorrhage in pre-hospital settings.”

This syringe gives the time up to 4 hours to transport the victim to the hospital to receive proper medication. It has 92 sponge tablets packed in which has the ability to absorb approximately 300 milliliters of blood or other body fluids for a victim. Each tablet in Xstat is 9.8 millimeters​ wide and 5 millimeters tall, each tablet has the capability of absorbing 3 milliliters of blood. These sponges are marked with the radiopaque marker so that they can be detected in an X-RAY to make sure all the sponges are taken out of the body.

The number of sponges required for viable hemorrhage will vary depending upon the depth and size of the injury.

Nearly 50% of deaths occur in a battle due to excessive bleeding and nearly 30% to 40% civilians also die of this cause. According to United States military, number of these deaths can be cut to half if proper surgery care is available at the moment.

The Xstat is able to minimize the amount of these deaths by providing the time to seek proper medication. This device has been cleared up for civil use though it is specified not to be used on certain parts of the body like abdomen, pelvis, chest and tissue above the collar bone.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States Department of Health and Human services, ensures the safety of public health and is responsible for the security of human and veterinary medications, immunizations and other organic items for human utilize. This agency passed the Xstat for the battlefield and for commercial use through the 510(k) review process.

RevMedx invested 3 years in developing The Xstat Rapid Hemostasis System and was granted £3.5million from the United States military. This Xstat has proved to be one of the best life-saving device of the century.

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