Xiaomi’s new products coming to the US this week

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When Xiaomi announced their expansion into the US, many thought that they would finally be able to get their hands on the most reasonable phone for the feature it offers, i.e. its value for money. But to everyone’s dismay, the expansion was rather slow, with still no smartphones coming to the US.

The Chinese tech-giant Xiaomi launched yet another product in the US, which would be arriving by this week. The products include a 10,000 mAh capacity battery pack known as the Mi Power Bank Pro thus fulfilling your power hungry needs and also two different headphone models. Along with these are a robot coding kit and also a 360 degree camera if you are a fan of 360 degree images or videos.


These launches would be available on Amazon for now and add to the company’s portfolio of expanding into the US day by day. As of now, Xiaomi’s line of sale includes an Android TV set top box more commonly known as the Mi TV. The Mi TV is available for now at the various Walmart stores spread out across the US. Not only this but there were some other products too which came over to the US available on the Mi online store. The highlight of these is a fitness tracker, to track your daily activities and plan routine and some other battery packs and assorted headphones.

Such was the response gathered that all things sold out within the first 30 minutes of their launch. It is strange that even garnering a heavy response, Xiaomi isn’t bringing smartphones. The products launched this week, some of them have already gone out of stock. The Battery pack and the 360 degree camera mentioned above in the start are now listed as temporarily unavailable on the Amazon. With previous sale records, it is expected that the headphone which would be open for sale by 24th November would also sell out quickly enough and chances are you won’t be able to get one if you don’t hurry.

This is because we are so used to breaking our headphone wires, so it is obvious enough that most of us would need an immediate replacement and then with Xiaomi headphones around the corner who wouldn’t want to buy those. The Mi headphones cost $129.99 and fit over the ear while the in-ear ones cost much less for a price tag of just $25.99. Since most of us these days are more comfortable with rather a wireless headphone, than a wired one, it could have been better if Xiaomi would have adopted such. But, still, it’s good for a start for a company which is planning expansion into the US.

What we can all do is just sit back and keep our fingers crossed that Xiaomi would actually launch their smartphones too which we all anxiously waiting for.


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