Xiaomi Mi Watch: Is it the Best Budget Smartwatch on the market?

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A lot of Chinese companies have started making fitness tech and a lot of them are surprisingly good. Companies like Huawei and Xiaomi recently release some pretty good devices like Mi Smart Band 5. However, smartwatches are one gray area in the Chinese market. Or that was the case until Xiaomi announced the global release for  Xiaomi Mi Watch.

The new model of the Xiaomi Mi Watch was unveiled in their recent launch event along with the new Mi 10T series smartphones. Although Xiaomi has made smartwatches in the past what’s special about this model is that it is a global release. All the previous smartwatches from the company only targeted the Chinese market.

While there isn’t much to say about the watch right now Xiaomi did mention a few things in the event. This article will try to explain all these small details we know right now. If you think this is another fitness tracker, it is not, Mi Watch is a complete smartwatch. There is no release date announced right now, however, we do know that it will cost somewhere around 110 to 120 dollars.

There is no release schedule as of yet. Xiaomi did say they plan to Launch it n the UK a little later. This means that they will try to have a multi-step release plan involving every region.  Xiaomi already has a market in Australia so we will see an early release there. The US, on the other hand, is a different story, there are only a few Chinese tech companies in the US. Even Xiaomi has not released any of its global wearables in the US  in the past. This makes us think that it can also be true for this release as well.

Design and Specifications:

The new Mi Watch from Xiaomi has a circular design with two crowns located on the right side. Users can pick from a variety of colors such as black, beige, yellow, red, orange, and green. The color availability might vary from region to region. One thing to note is that both your body and the strap come in the color of your choice. So unless you want a contrast tone with aftermarket straps (if those are available in the first place) we recommend choosing the right color for the first time.

Source: xda-developers.com

Current images indicate a pretty well-flushed screen design. There are no noticeable bezels on the watch so it looks like the watch has a slightly curved screen. the display is 1.39 inches in diameter and uses AMOLED panel for good viewing angles, color accuracy, and brightness.

One thing missing from what we currently know the watch os. The previous wearables for Xiaomi use MIUI which is in fact their skinned version of Android OS. This means that we can also see the same OS in Mi Watch or we might get to see the newly developed Wear OS.

In terms of other features, there are over 100 watch faces. There is also the ability to use the watch as a shutter remote for your smartphone camera. There is also full emoji support in notifications as well as support for voice commands.

Xiaomi Mi Watch also has 117 exercise modes, which include all your usually workout exercises as well as some exquisite sports. there are also pretty of onboard sensors to track all of these. The Mi Watch comes with an onboard GPS, as well as six health sensors including an air pressure monitor and heart rate sensor.

Lastly, in terms of Battery life, Xiaomi reports that Mi Watch lasts 16 days between charges. that sounds really well on paper but the real performance benchmarks will have to wait till release. The watch does take about two hours to charge which is rather slow if you compare it to the competitors. It does however make up for it with better battery life.

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