Xbox Ultimate Game Sale: Crazy deals!

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The biggest Xbox One game sale of the year is currently underway at the Xbox digital store. With up to 65% off on digital games as well as an additional 10% for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, some great games are going for dirt cheap. If you were waiting to buy games at a good price, it won’t get better than this.

Microsoft is known for its weekly deals and amazing discounts, but the Ultimate Game Sale which ends up happening almost every year is something else. Here, you find games that are actually worth a lot more than what they’re being sold for. For example, Titanfall 2 is on sale for just $6. The Metro Redux Bundle which contains both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light Redux can also be bought for $7.5.

The last time a Metro game was on sale, you could buy one of the two mentioned above for $5, but here you can buy both for just $7.5. Mass Effect Andromeda is also on sale for just $10. Some Batman games are also up for grabs as there are two different versions so you can choose according to your taste. If you prefer games that involve more stealth play, then you can get Batman: Return to Arkham for $10. For a more story-driven game, you can get the Batman Telltale Series for just $10 as well.

Gears of War is perhaps one of Microsoft’s biggest triumphs. The Xbox One isn’t known for many great exclusives but the GOW series is up there among the very best. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a beautiful remaster of the original that started it all, but with additional content as well. There is bonus story content to be played in this version of the game which used to be exclusive to the PC versions back when it came out. If you haven’t played it already, now’s a great chance to get it for just $10.


Mortal Kombat X is also on sale for $10. It’s a highly popular fighting game that anyone can enjoy. The game’s crisp fighting mechanics and stunning visuals make it highly enjoyable especially with friends. If you’ve been a fan of the Mortal Kombat series, you’ll also find a story mode inside the game that picks up from where MK9 left off and does well in answering many of the questions players had after MK9’s ending.

Then there’s also RYSE, one of Xbox’s first ever exclusives. Although it’s not fondly remembered, or remembered at all for that matter, it’s still not a bad game. It may not be great, but it’s definitely more than worthy of the $7.5 price tag the legendary edition of the game currently has. It’s not a bad game, and for the current price, it’s a huge bargain.

Just Cause 3 is also highly regarded as one of the most enjoyable sandbox experiences out there second only to GTA. The game offers a unique and diverse experience, different from what typical sandbox games have to offer. A large map makes the game even better and that’s more than you can ask for, especially if the game’s XL edition is currently going for $9. It’s definitely worth picking up if you haven’t played it yet.

Perhaps one of the best things about this sale is that the Ultimate Game Sale is not limited to just games only. Thanks to the sale, subscriptions are also being offered at discounted prices. If you don’t have an Xbox Live subscription, you can buy a one-year membership for just $40, which is normally $60. The Gold subscription is crucial for playing online games, and you also get 4 free games per month with the subscription.

Microsoft also offers an additional 10% off to Gold members in huge sales (such as this one) so that’s one more reason to get the online subscription. Saving the best for last, the Xbox Game Pass’ discounted price may be the best value for money deal in the entire sale. Although you’re able to get some pretty good game deals in just $10, in fact, no game mentioned in this article so far has gone beyond $10, but, it doesn’t beat the Xbox Game Pass.

The Game Pass is like the Netflix of games where you pay for a monthly subscription ($9.99) and get access to a huge library of games which you can download and play for no additional cost. This is pretty neat because it lets people pay less and play more, and it’s even better now because Xbox exclusives are made instantly available on the Game Pass from day 1. So, once games like Gears 5 and the latest Forza hit stores, you’ll be able to play them for as low as $9.99 a month!

However, during this sale, if you pay the $10, you get three months instead of just the one. There are over a hundred games in the Game Pass library, so it’s by far the best value for money deal in the entire sale. The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale lasts till July 30, and you can check it out in its entirety here. Happy gaming!


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