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Xbox Series X Launch Event Details Leaked – New game reveals and more

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The time has finally come for Microsoft to step up. The company has posted the first teaser for its launch event happening on November 9th. It looks like the company is once again trying to showcase its new Xbox offerings and the games and other new features coming to the platform. While there is no announcement from some official accounts right now, we will get more details soon enough. The Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10, so it is probably the best time to let people know what they have to offer.

Xbox has been making news recently with the press releasing Series X previews and some controversial UI resolution decisions. However, its competitor Sony has also been slowly keeping up the hype with new teardown videos and UI reveals. In short, both of the consoles are all set for a battle of sales. This could be the main reason for Microsoft’s announcement on the new event on the consoles.

The new event details were posted on Twitter by the official Xbox account for Australia and Newzealand. The video only mentions a date November 9th, to be exact, and a time of 11 pm NZDT. Which surely hints that it is about an event and not some small release. Check it out below.

We can also confirm that this event is on Xbox because of the replies to this tweet. As a reply to one of the questions about this event’s details, the Twitter account replied that. “Not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re launching the next generation of Xbox next month.”  This further confirms that the event is indeed set to showcase the new Xbox consoles and all the other details linked to them.

Event details:

Twitter user edgejam also posted an event schedule, which is also worth discussing. According to the image posted by him, which shows comment on some forum. The event will take place in Orlando, Florida, on November 9th at 8 pm EST. People can watch the vent on Fox as well as Twitch. In case of venue issues, they can also go to the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The event will start by showcasing the updated version of Halo: infinite. They will show new gameplay scenes as well as announce the release date in Spring 2021, as well as multiplayer beta details. After that, we’ll hear from Phil Spencer, and he’ll start the show by saying, “Let’s Celebrate Together.”

Phil Spencer Xbox

In terms of games, the event will showcase a trailer for Miss Universe. A new game co-developed by EA tiburon and motive Studios set for release in Holiday 2021. After that, well, get a recap trailer for Sea of Thieves. Series X/S optimized update of which is releasing on November 11. The schedule also mentions a new game called Crossfire, a free to play Xbox Exclusive.

In terms of Ubisoft’s games, we’ll get a new gameplay trailer for Far Cry 6 as well as future plans for the new Assassins Creed Valhalla. The event will also discuss some other games before Phill Pencer says some closing remarks and ends the show.

After reading these details, we can guess that this is quite a big event for Microsoft and will mention all their games as well as plans for this year as well as the next few years. With Microsoft in the hold of the majority of game studios, we can surely expect a ton of content geared up for players.

Once again, the new consoles drop on November 10th, be sure to check out your local retailer if you want one.

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