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Xbox Series S all but announced as it appears on official Game Pass gift cards

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Another wave of excitement comes for Xbox fans as a twitter user spots a small detail in one of Microsoft’s products. This little piece of information confirms that the next-generation console Xbox Series S is officially in the works. For those unfamiliar, the Xbox Series S will be a toned-down version of the main star Xbox Series X. It will feature weaker hardware, while still being capable enough to have a good gaming experience.

We have obviously heard of the new console before from Microsoft’s documentation releases and various other devices.

However, if you’ve been following tech companies for a while you would know. Most of the time companies say they’ll make an innovative design do all the paperwork but it never comes to reality. Just like that The Xbox Series S kept popping up in various places but we were never really sure that it will be a reality.

The recent news comes from Brendan over at Twitter. Interestingly, the user bought a new Xbox controller and it came with some new paperwork. This new controller came with an Xbox Game pass pamphlet that mentions Series S along with the other consoles. This is something big because it is concrete proof that Microsoft does plan to launch this console sometime soon.

Another good thing is that since Microsoft has started including this device in their paperwork it means that it might launch alongside Series X. Previously we had rumors that the smaller or toned down Xbox Series S will launch sometime later after the release of Series X.

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The user also mentioned that he brought this controller directly from Microsoft online so it can’t be a fake. The new Xbox Series S is definitely coming and hopefully sooner than we expect it to.

What we Know:

Microsoft internally calls this upcoming digital version of the new Xbox Series S, Lockhart. We already know that Microsoft is taking a different approach as compared to Sony with this. While the PS5 offers the same hardware without an optical drive in the digital edition, the Xbox Lockhart/Series S will aim to provide a budget-friendly and small form factor device.

It will have less graphical capabilities than its bigger brother for obvious reasons. However, it may come with a larger storage solution because of its all-digital nature.

Where the Xbox Series X focuses on providing ultimate performance with all the new flashy features. This variant will be better-suited for mid-tier gamers and newbies looking to jump into console gaming. According to the current information, Series S will come packed with enough power to run games at 1080p rather than the 4K resolution promised by the Series X.

Although 4k panels have gotten cheaper in recent years 1080p Gaming is still the choice of the majority of gamers and it looks like Microsoft is betting on this fact with this device.

The release date and pricing of the Xbox Series S are still unknown. This will likely be the case until Microsoft officially announces the product in a public event.  As we said earlier the Series X release is scheduled for November this year and we could also see this console popup with it.

We previously wrote an article covering Lockhart in Microsoft’s recently released Xbox XDK documents. A Twitter user discovered separate”Profiling Modes” for two devices in the paperwork. These devices were Lockhart and Anaconda.  One of which is our new budget console, make sure to check that out as well.


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