Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S Design and Price Official – The cheapest next-gen console

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Update: After the floodgates of leaks and rumors were opened earlier today, Microsoft has finally decided to make the Xbox Series S official. The Xbox Twitter account posted the $299 official price and design of the new console. In addition to that, the image also states that it is the smallest Xbox ever made, which is incredible considering that it is a fully-fledged next-gen machine.


Original Story:

YouTuber Brad Sams just revealed the Xbox Series S design and price. In his Youtube video, he explained what the design looks like, gave us an early look and, revealed the price as well. He got this information from a leaked still of an unreleased Microsoft promotional video. Here is all you need to know about the Xbox Series S.

It’s no secret at this point that Microsoft has been working on project Lockhart aka Xbox Series S. This model is supposed to be the budget-friendly variant of the flagship Xbox Series X.

Although Microsoft has yet to publically acknowledge its existence, there have been numerous leaks that prove its existence. A couple of weeks ago, a twitter user confirmed its existence when he saw Xbox Series S listed on the Game Pass Ultimate trial code. Furthermore, It is evident that Microsoft will be talking about it in a couple of weeks.

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As expected, the Xbox series S will have a smaller form factor as compared to Series X. Microsoft has opted for a traditional boxy design for this console as well. The console will be available in white color with black accents.

Xbox Series S
Image: Brad Sams

Furthermore, there seems to be a giant round grill at the front which is similar to the one we have seen at the top of Series X. The absence of a disc drive suggests that it will support the digital version of the games only, similar to the PS5 digital version.

As far as the controller is concerned, it is like the Xbox Series X controller but in white. This is all that has been revealed about the new console design so far.

Xbox Series S will run games at 1080p at 60 fps

Microsoft has been hush on the subject but last month there were leaks that gave us an insight into the console’s specs. Xbox Series X will be able to run games at 4k 60fps while it’s less powerful variant is targetted towards 1080p 60fps benchmarks. This did not surprise us at all as we knew cutting down on price meant less powerful components. Tweak Town leaked some specs of the console last month which was tweeted by Tom Warren.

The console will have the power of 4TFLOPs through NAVI RDNA 2.0 GPU. It will be powered with an 8-core, 16 thread Zen 2 CPU @ 3.8 GHz. Series s will also feature 10 GB GDDR6 RAM. For the complete list of specifications, read:

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Xbox Series S is estimated to be retailed around $299 while the flagship Xbox Series X is supposed to be sold for $499. Additionally, Microsoft also has both of these consoles bundled into its Xbox All Access subscription program that works very much like your local mobile phone contract.

With that, the Series S will cost you $25 per month and the Series X will bump that up to $35. Furthermore, both of these consoles are reported to launch on November 10, 2020. These numbers seem credible since Microsoft tweeted out an ‘uh-oh’ reaction meme on the official Xbox Twitter account as well.

It seems like Microsoft has also taken the route of two different consoles similar to Sony’s PlayStation 5 versions. However, Microsoft is offering two different consoles, unlike Sony who is selling two versions of the same console.

This gives Microsoft room to be flexible when they release their prices for both consoles officially. They might be able to undercut the PlayStation 5 price and gain an increased number of sales. Microsoft will officially reveal Xbox Series S within two weeks and hopefully, they will disclose the final price tag as well.

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