Xbox Series S controller

Xbox Series S confirmed as gamers in Chicago get their hands on new controller

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Whispers have been going around in the air about Microsoft’s new console. Rumors are that it’s going to be revealed later this month, during a hardware event. A next-gen, higher quality, and better console at an affordable price is set to come out. From what we’ve heard, you can rest assured it’s going to be known as the Xbox Series S.

Earlier this morning, reporters from The Verge were able to get their hands on some pictures that showed off the new controller of the Xbox Series S. The packaging in which the controllers were pictured clearly stated the name Xbox Series S. In order to confirm how credible this source was, we tracked down a twitter user named Zak S who recently got his hands on one of these controllers. It turns out that this is very much the real deal.

The next-gen controller was found being sold on a resale website and on the side of the packaging in which the controller was clearly stated that it was compatible with the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S consoles. There is still no official statement from Microsoft on this and neither is there any proof of a white Xbox Series X gaming controller.

This enigmatic piece of gaming equipment made an appearance online last month as well. It came fully loaded with a brand-new share button, finger-oriented, and comforting triggers as well as a new D-pad. This leak is a repeat of what happened last time. If history is to stand true, which it has so far, then it is safe to assume that these controllers will be coming up in the market in no time.

Xbox Series S
Xbox One S vs. Xbox Series S Controller

The Xbox Series S has already had a nickname which was its internal codename at Microsoft called Lockhart. It’s the cheaper version of the next generation of Xbox gaming consoles and it’s deliberately been made more affordable to make it a more inclusive platform.

3 months back, a document was leaked to the public which shared what the company had in store for the brand-new upcoming consoles. The Xbox Series X development kit nicknamed “Dante” gave game developers the ability to activate a specialized Lockhart mode. Under Lockhart mode, a profile would be activated that would perform the same way an Xbox Series S would.

The Xbox Series S console, or Lockhart, is rumored to have a usable RAM space of up to 7.5 GB. This will be accompanied by a massive 4 teraflops of GPU performance to keep things running smoothly.

The console is expected to be launched this month only and plans are that it’ll pay a hereditary role in their Xbox All Access Subscription Plans. For those of you who still don’t know that subscription plan offers the Xbox Console and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a fee that it is to be paid every month.

Interestingly, Microsoft leaking it’s new console’s launch through a controller could be a stroke of pure genius. Honestly, if we think about it, at first it feels like poor retail management on part of the seller and sheer luck on behalf of the buyer. However, if you think about how well this playing out for Microsoft and driving an absolute frenzy around their new console. This could very well play into their hands as they continue to build hype around the next-gen Xbox consoles.

Reddit links from Chicago are also gaining traction as people upload videos showing off their Xbox Series S compatible controllers. This goes on to further confirm our claims and we can rest assured that the release of the long-awaited Xbox Series S is no longer a distant dream but a rather close reality.

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