Xbox removes all mentions of RDNA2 from its website; is it still the most powerful console?

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Microsoft just updated the webpage for their upcoming Xbox series X. They removed all mentions of the new RDNA2 technology from AMD. Could this be a falling out between the two companies or is it just a marketing change. This is the question a lot of users have on their mind right now and we hope Microsoft or AMD steps up to answer that.

The preorders for the new Xbox series just went live recently. Microsoft confirmed all the specs and the two variants. The new console features an eight-core custom Zen 2 processor running at 3.8GHz. In terms of GPU, we have a custom RDNA 2 processor at 1.825GHz with 52 CUs that will create 12 teraflops.

From the on-paper specs, we can assume that the new Xbox is one of the most powerful consoles up to date. There are a few hiccups however, Xbox has not talked about these specs on any of their platforms. To make matters even worse they have now removed all the AMD related marketing material from their website.

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This peculiar detail was caught by a twitter user Droid 747. The tweet also includes a few images from the official Microsoft website which show the new design from the developer. Apparently Microsoft also removed some other marketing material from their website as well. This raises a lot of new suspicions among the gaming community. Here is the original tweet.

Microsoft previously showcased their new SoC for the Xbox Series X. The chip uses AMD IP blocks and is built on TSMC N7e (enhanced 7 nm) process. Microsoft spoke about their all-new GPU in the event as well the GPU is based on AMD’s new RDNA2 graphics architecture. It takes up much of the chip’s die area and has a raw SIMD throughput of 12 TFLOP/s. Which in turn meets DirectX 12 Ultimate logo requirements as well as provides support for hardware-accelerated ray-tracing.


Also among our previously known details. The new RDNA2 GPU inside the XBOX Series X SoC has 52 compute units spread across 26 RDNA2 Compute Units.  In addition, The silicon also physically features two additional dual CUs, this gives us a total count of 56. As compared to the last generation we also observed that RDNA2 architecture carries much of the previous architecture hierarchy.

Looking at the Microsoft presentations we can see that the new design is similar to the previous architecture. We see four SIMD32 ALU clusters sharing instruction as well as scalar caches. One of the major differences, however, is the addition of Intersection Engine components on a per-CU basis, which Microsoft labels out as “ray-tracing accelerators.”

xbox series x motherboard

Coming to the CPU as we said before it is a TSMC fabricated chip from AMD. it features 8 CPU cores based on the all-new AMD Zen 2 microarchitecture. The CPU architecture resembles AMD’s “Renoir” APU as it also uses cores spread across two CCXs.The SoC uses a 320-bit GDDR6 memory interface, with shared GDDR6 memory being used both as video memory and system memory. The total installed memory on this condo;e is somewhere around 16 Gigabytes.

Now coming back to our initial problem we can see that Microsoft has been talking about these new technologies from AMD for a while now. So this new marketing strategy is a strange turn from them. It raises suspicion about the collaboration between the two companies which we are sure won’t be ending anytime soon. Consequently, this can still be a website error or they might be shifting all this information to a new page. either way, we just have to wait and find out.

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