Xbox One X Review: Why you should and shouldn’t upgrade

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It has always been a cat and mouse game when it comes to Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, trying their level best in becoming the ultimate gaming console for everyone. After the release of Sony PlayStation pro, an Xbox upgrade was imminent. Therefore, Microsoft went on to release the Xbox One X, which is claimed to be one of the most powerful gaming consoles in the world.

The main purpose behind this was surely Microsoft’s motive to beat its arch-rival Sony. Since Christmas is around the corner, and the holiday season would start soon, it was expected that Microsoft would like to cash on that to add to its revenue.

The release appeased many since it was a substantial upgrade to the original Xbox One of 2013. Unsurprisingly, the release came after exactly a year Sony PS4 Pro came out on the market.

Yes, there have always been console rivals in the industry, but it wasn’t always like this. Any new upgrade by a console manufacturer would last you at least half a decade before getting obsolete which is unlike the common PC’s out there which well go old every year. The upgrades assist the game developers by providing a set platform for their game optimizations.

But things have changed since then, both Microsoft and Sony release their mid-generation updates to cater to the new features demanding users. The Xbox One X is, therefore, smaller, sleeker and apparently faster than the original Xbox One. In terms of raw power, it easily beats the other counterpart; PS4 and even the PS4 Pro.

The sad news is that while Microsoft gave much attention to the hardware specs, it didn’t actually focus on game titles specifically for 4K gaming. The Xbox One X, therefore, isn’t going to launch with exclusive AAA games.

The price tag of $499 may set you back a little and on top of that, you actually also need to buy a 4K television to make the most of it. Otherwise, it’s just a pretty decent piece of hardware on your shelf, if you aren’t going to play games, meant to be played on it.

The Hardware

Even with a relatively small case, Xbox One X delivers smooth power, rather surprising. The design is pretty much the same as that of the Xbox One S, but if you ever cared about lesser volume, then Xbox One X is your console, though it is larger in some dimensions. The ports and inputs are the same as that on the One S.

The HDMI in support ensures you can hook up your TV set-top box to the console as well. Along with this, there is a USB port at the front and two at the back. Furthermore, at the rear is the much-needed Ethernet Port too for faster online gaming.

The best thing is there isn’t a need for an external power supply and its all integrated into the console. This is unlike the original Xbox One. Though if you want to add Kinect to it, you will still need a USB adaptor.

For all the tech-savvy, Xbox One X is powered by a 2.3GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar processor and a whopping 12 GM of RAM. On top of that, there is a six-teraflop AMD Radeon GPU!

In comparison with the PS4 Pro, that’s nearly two teraflops more, with added 3 GB of RAM and a faster processor. Therefore, it can be rightly said that Xbox One X can beat the Sony PS4 Pro any day. Heck, it even includes a 4K Blu-ray player which PS4 Pro doesn’t.

Obviously, with such great specs, it would require a good cooling system to cool it off. Otherwise, the console would be fried in no time. It is recommended to keep the console out when gaming.


Perhaps one the major reasons for you to buy Xbox One X would be if you already have a 4K TV. The console is especially targeted for all such folks out there.

Unlike the Xbox One made for 1080 displays the games at 4K resolution have nearly 4 times the pixels on a 4K TV. Being more than 4 times powerful as that of the Xbox One, the console is surely capable enough of playing 4K games smoothly. On the contrary, it still isn’t powerful enough as that of purely meant for GAMING PC.

It is strictly up to the developers what features they add in their games for the Xbox One X users. Maybe they will add HDR, or 4K or just better frame rates. Though more than 150 enhanced games have been promised by Microsoft, it’s not certain if there is a clear pattern out there.



The console isn’t just meant for gaming only. Courtesy the 4K Blu-ray drive, you can easily watch movies at a great quality with Dolby Atmos and HDR 10; features which lack in the PS4 Pro. What seems strange is that currently no 4K movie or TV show is being offered outside the US on Microsoft’s store. Therefore, Netflix or Amazon Video would be your buddies, though obviously, you will need a subscription for that. The sad news is that even the YouTube app doesn’t support 4K.

But to make up this, Microsoft does have some good third-party apps for entertainment, including Plex, Spotify, Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus. Moreover, the HDMI-in port can be used to connect to a Google Chromecast. It can also be used to connect your set-top box so that you can watch your TV with the Xbox’s OneGuide.

Perhaps the greatest downside is that you would straightaway need to buy an external drive. This is because 1 TB of storage simply is not enough. Therefore also add that to the hefty price tag for which it is already offered.

Our Verdict

Yet with all the high powered specs, it still doesn’t make sense for you to upgrade your console based solely on power. If you don’t have a 4K TV or really don’t care about better graphics you are good with your current console. Though if you are 4K Blu-ray drive fan, and want a smaller and well-designed hardware, along with an added boost for lots of games, then the Xbox One X is surely the console you want.

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