Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox Games Showcase confirmed at TGS – Series X Price reveal expected

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Update: The official Xbox Twitter account has just confirmed that there will be no next-gen news at the Tokyo Game Show and it is, instead, a celebration of the Japanese games and creators.

Original Story

With no E3 this year, companies had to find newer methods to showcase their products. Microsoft took the route of relaying information through hosting online events in monthly increments. In July we saw Xbox Games Showcase but there was no event in August. However, there has been inside talk going around that there was indeed an event planned for the month of August but it got postponed due to some unknown reason.

September is an exciting month for tech enthusiasts. Phone companies are releasing new phones, Nvidia has revealed its RTX 30 lineup and newer games are going to be announced as well. As for Microsoft, they are planning to hold an Xbox showcase event at the ‘Tokyo Game Show 2020‘. This news has been confirmed by Gamewatch, where they posted the time table for the event. The event will be held on 24th September, at 3 am PST/ 6 am ET/ 11 am BST.

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What can we expect from the event?

There has been no official word on what to expect yet except from ‘Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase broadcasts content that everyone who loves games can enjoy’. This is a pretty vague statement and although Microsoft hasn’t said anything yet, we can expect something in the form of teasers in the upcoming weeks. It seems like Microsft is planning something big for the event.

Could we finally get to know the price of the Xbox Series X? it is a possibility, however, it seems unlikely that they reveal the mystery before October.

Tokyo Game Show time Table

Xbox Series S reveal?

Despite the silence from Microsoft, we have some clue as to what we might get to see at the event. First up is Xbox Series S reveal. If you don’t know what it is, Xbox series S or project Lockhart is the cut-down budget version of Xbox Series X.

This variant was just a rumor some days ago until its existence was confirmed by the packaging of Xbox Game Pass gift card and a controller. Microsoft hasn’t announced the console officially yet but we can surely expect this to be a part of the showcase event.

XBox series s

Next up would be more details regarding the Xbox series X. We might finally get to know how much it costs, however, this seems highly unlikely as both rival companies are waiting for each other to announce the price first for obvious marketing reasons.

With just two months away from release, fans are dying from anticipation as the companies remain silent. Furthermore, we might get some news about Halo Infinite. Something that was planned to be released at launch but has been delayed to 2021.

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After a whole month of silence, we are finally going to receive more information about the console(s). We will probably get to see what Microsoft had in store for the August event which got delayed. The event will help Microsoft to grow its consumer base in Japan as well.

This time around, they have promised to release the console in November, unlike the Xbox one where it was delayed for the people in the region. Furthermore, We might finally get to see what Xbox Series S will look like as everyone is expecting it to be finally revealed but the main thing that the fans want to know, is the price of the consoles.

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