Xbox E3 presentation: World Premiers

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This article is the continuation of the coverage of Microsoft’s E3 presentation. It will feature all the games that were announced on the the stage of Microsoft theatre, but they will be available to play on any other console. However, it does not include any of the additional downloadable content announced during the presentation. Let’s dig in.

Sekiro: Shadows die twice

                A few months From Software released a teaser of their new game, the only information worth noting was it showed a sentence “Shadows die twice.” Many believed that it might be the sequel of the Bloodborne, the game of the year of 2015, during the Microsoft presentation it turned out to be a new game altogether based on Asian samurai culture. The gameplay was also shown during the presentation that gave us a hint about the melee combat system. The game will succeed the much-praised dark souls series, with gruesome boss battles, and brutal difficulties, as the case with every game from this developer.

The details of the story were not revealed quite yet, but our protagonist is a half-dead person, who has a prosthetic arm and he fights spooky Japanese things. The game is developed by From Software, and Activision has its publication rights, with a release date of 2019.

Fallout 76

One of the big pre E3 surprises was the Fallout 76 teaser. The trailer was finally revealed during the Microsoft Keynote during a surprise appearance of Todd Howard, director of Bethesda game studios. He announced that Fallout 4 is now backwards compatible and showed the first world premiere of the Fallout 76. It is a prequel of all the Fallout games, with a heavy emphasis on online multiplayer. Additionally, the game can only be played when you are connected with internet. According to Tim, it is four times bigger than the already huge fallout 4. Other than these, the necessary details were revealed during Bethesda’s presentation. The pre-orders of the game will start on June 15th in the Xbox store.

Captain Spirit

                Life is Strange is one of the best games that I have ever played, the pre-sequel of this game was announced during Microsoft’s E3 presentation, it is called “the awesome adventures of the captain Spirit.” The game is developed and published by Square-Enix, and it is based on the same Dontond engine. The game is set in the same universe as the life is strange, it tells a compelling story of a 10-year-old child who lives in his world, by the name of Captain Spirit. The focus of the game will be the storytelling theme as was the case with Life is strange. You have to complete several missions throughout the game, the progress in this game will have effects on the Life is strange 2. Above all, it is a free to play game releasing on June 26th.

Metro exodus

                Every gamer who loves the First-person genre loves the metro games; there were no rumors about another installation in this series before E3. The audience got out of their seats when they saw a strange speech on survival followed by ruined environments of Moscow. The early gameplay showed the level of weapon customization and the return of the horror elements that made the mark of the previous games on the mind of the players. The game was said to release later this year, but the game was delayed, and it is now releasing on February 22 according to the developers it requires more time as it is their best adventure yet. The game is based on Russian novel Metro 2033, and it is the third installment in the series. The game is developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver.

Kingdom hearts 3

We all loved the combined effort of Square-Enix and Disney when we played the first installment in the Kingdom Hearts series. Since then the series is growing, and now we have the third installment based on the movie Frozen. Phil Spencer announced that we are working with the developers so that the games play best on the Xbox one consoles. The kingdom hearts series was a PS exclusive yet now it is ported on to Xbox and PC too. The early gameplay and glimpse of the story based on Frozen were shown during the conference. The game is developed and published by Square-Enix with the help of Disney with a release date of January 29, 2019.

The Division 2

The division had a massive world filled with the post-apocalyptic environment and was based on New York. A few months back Ubisoft teased the fans of the Division by letting them play an online RPG shooter in the veins of Bungie’s Destiny, with that they teased the sequel to the game they love. There was not much revealed during the time until the Microsoft’s E3 presentation. The full trailer of the game was shown during the presentation showing the settings that are now a replica of Washington DC. The players take a role to avoid another Civil War that is on the verge of happening through a series of missions.

The game is developed by massive entertainment and red storm entertainment and published by Ubisoft; it has the released date of 15th March 2019.

Cyberpunk 2077

                The game that was first teased during E3 2013, when the CD project RED’s game the Witcher 3 was released. Since then we only had one cinematic trailer and nothing else. The game was for the next generation of consoles according to CD project. But we finally got another look of the game during Microsoft’s E3 presentation. When the crowd saw a full game trailer, giving details about the expected life of the humanity during 2077. There Is still no release date, neither they showed the gameplay. But as it is the case with every CD project game we expect a massive amount of details and gameplay hours to enjoy.

Shadow of Tomb Raider

The final adventure of Square-Enix’s Lara Croft is on the verge of getting a release for the public. Another trailer of the game was shown during E3; the gameplay looks a lot same if you have played the earlier games, with more dense forests, a vast range of armory and a new adventure to follow. The game will mark the end of Lara’s journey and end the mysteries the game has had during previous titles., with Square-Enix calling the game a “climatic finale” and “the end of the beginning.”

In an interview with the Edge magazine, the director of Tomb Raider Daniel Chayer-Bisson said that this will be the toughest Tomb Raider adventure in the trilogy, since Lara is now mature, and she can handle tough experiences. All in all, he said that players would require many tries to complete the missions, that is why the respawn places are kept close to each other.

Devil may cry 5

The rumors started when CAPCOM registered a new game a few months back, it was expected that the game would be a PS4 exclusive, but along with many surprises the announcement trailer of the Devil may cry 5 was also shown during the Xbox presentation. There was not much to reveal since the game is in early works. The game looks a lot better than the previous titles as it is releasing almost a decade after the last main installment in the series. From the trailer, it can be inferred that the game will continue the main story, but it will have a lot more content, and it may have an online multiplayer too. Above all the game will especially be patched for the advanced Xbox one X hardware allowing the game to have HDR visuals and 4k UHD resolution.

Dying light 2

                The much-awaited sequel of the dying light game has finally been announced during the presentation. The game is developed by Techland studios, the game has some changes regarding the gameplay experience; it is now more of an RPG than the linear storytelling gameplay, the game also benefitted from the presence of Chris Avellone a renowned RPG expert. They did not reveal the release date of the game, but the gameplay showed that the game is in final stages. We may hear from them soon.

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