New Xbox Experience UI Dashboard

Xbox is getting a sleek new UI overhaul with dynamic themes and much more

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After the rather underwhelming launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has spent the entire generation playing catch up to its competition. And, while Phil Spencer has managed to steer the ship away from complete disaster, there’s still a long way to go. With the upcoming Xbox Series X, however, Microsoft is not only launching a new console but is also paving the way for the next-generation of the overall Xbox experience.

Xbox Updates: Then and Now

Since the console’s inception in 2013, constant updates and upgrades have helped improve the performance of the Xbox One. The console’s software has grown tremendously compared to the time when it first came by.

However, until now, the Xbox UI has been rather lackluster in comparison to the competition. The new Xbox experience, however, is a breath of fresh air and will definitely make the fans happy.

NEw Xbox Dashboard

It is clear that Microsoft has worked hard to take suggestions and implement them. Initially, they launched a new Microsoft Store on the console to make amends. The more recent reviews suggest that the performance of the store has improved greatly. Even the design is much more aesthetic. General ease of usability has become much more refined as well.

New Xbox Experience

Since the fanbase has been more accepting of the improved experience, Microsoft is bringing it over to their newer consoles as well. The Xbox One and the Xbox Series X will come fully equipped with the “New Xbox Experience“.
Expectations are that this will greatly improve the UI and UX designs currently seen on the consoles. Performance is predicted to become much smoother as well. Loading times are to become faster. Memory consumption will become more efficient.
Xbox UI Dashboard
Moreover, the Xbox Dashboard is expected to undergo improvements as well. As the new design update is implemented the dashboard should take a more aesthetic form. Spacing would be more in tune. Animations in the backgrounds would be artistic and much more enjoyable. Corners would get a rounded touch to them.
Such upgrades are always well received. It is safe to assume that proponents of the console would appreciate Microsoft’s efforts in these areas.

Xbox’s Cross-platform Updates

Furthermore, these upgrades are not going to be limited to the consoles alone. The Xbox mobile app, for all Android users, will be undergoing some changes as well. A new and improved UI design system is in the works. Once these upgrades come into place, Android users will be able to enjoy a much more enriching experience.
New Xbox Experience
The new Xbox App
All these design and performance upgrades are bound to enhance the entire Xbox ecosystem. The look would be a lot more attractive. The experience would be smoother and faster. Regardless of one’s location, the Xbox Experience would be seamless. PC, console, or phone the New Xbox Experience intends to improve them all.

In Conclusion

In my honest opinion, I commend Microsoft for finally having taken the initiative. These improvements were much needed. Regular updates like these keep their console and experience on par with their competitors. Moreover, memory consumption is said to be more efficient now. Space up to 40% is intended to be freed up.

However, I would argue that there are still many problems that need to be addressed. Microsoft needs to figure out how to reduce download times of video games. Understandably, the game size depends on the developer but the download servers for Xbox have also been struggling lately.

Improvements also need to be made regarding the in-store applications offered in the PC store. Most of them do not run smoothly and often hinder the experience. Although the Microsoft Store has been improved, it is now time to better the compatibility of the apps within as well.


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