Wynd just might be the best mini Portable Air Purifier in town

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Always wanted a portable Air Purifier? Couldn’t seem to decide on one? We have good news for you since there is a new Portable Air Purifier in town by the name of Wynd. By first glance, you would reckon it to be an Amazon Echo, but it is more than that. It just might become the best air purifier in town.

It’s largely apparent by the design on how the Air Purifier functions. Simply put, air flows in from the holes around the base and makes it way to the top. If you feel like the Air Purifier is not stable enough, you can use a mini stand, to put it on a desk and angle it the way you deem fit. The best thing is, it can even fit into a car cup holder or a baby seat or wherever you feel like putting it. Moreover, the good news is that a battery time of around 8 hours is more than enough for it to be portable all day long. You can easily carry it around all day without the worry of getting out of the purified air.

The most important aspect of any air freshener is the filter it uses. For this, the Wynd utilizes a 0.3 micron filter. Though Wynd doesn’t claim itself to be a HEPA device, this filter is even above the equivalent of a HEPA filter. This means you are guaranteed of an air free of hazardous smoke, dander, mould spores, most types of pollen, bacteria, most dust mite junk, and so on.

This is more than enough for a purifier of such size. Furthermore, as per Wynd, the Air Purifier is capable of cleaning more than 8 liters of air per second. If you worry that the filter has gone through its life, you can easily get a replacement filter for $7.

The features just don’t stop a these. There is a tracker along with the device too. It is a little widget which should ideally be placed near the purifier, or even under a slot under the purifier. This keeps a record of the number of particles in the air and even sends it out to your phone. According to Tom’s Guide, “You can’t see what’s in the air that you breathe. But the sensor attached to the Wynd air purifier can figure that out for you, and actually do something to clean up that air before it hits your lungs.”

With the device auto mode, Wynd seems to increase airflow and automatically adapt to changes in air concentration. As per Ray Wu, founder and CEO of Wynd Technology, “What we then discovered is that since air is usually invisible, having a purifier only is not enough. We need to match the portability of the purifier with an air quality sensor that can monitor air quality in real-time, generate alerts, and work with the purifier to automatically clean the environment.”

The product is available for a price tag of $130. The features justify the price tag. If you want to get your hands on one, then the little gadget can be picked up on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon. Though the detachable tracker is included in the price, you can also buy one separately if you end up losing one.

If you feel like questioning whether Wynd actually does what its supposed to, then feel easy since Tests by the Research Triangle Institute on an 8 by 10-foot room depicted a significant drop in air particles. Though, not much can be said about outdoors or larger spaces. Still, Wynd has all the signs of a product that will sell well in the over-polluted cities of the world.

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