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Wynd Halo and Home purifier: Keeping you and your home healthy

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Home is the only place that is the closest to one’s heart. It is a sacred place for every resident. The environment that was beneficial for the existence of mankind is now replete with toxins. The reason behind this is us, but we have to find a workaround so that we can avoid potentially harmful chemicals to enter our body. The air we breathe in today is getting more and more harmful. So, it is our duty to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones.

It is important to keep the air that we are breathing healthy and beneficial. An average person breathes almost 20,000 times every day. But what is in the air we are breathing we do not know. Although the gadget we have today can correctly output the composition of air in the room.

Wynd Halo

Wynd Halo is the smart home device that can detect whether the air you are breathing is beneficial or harmful. It can analyze the air and can give you a summary of the composition of air. It houses more sensors than any environment monitors out there. Thus it can deliver a comprehensive report of what is happening around you.

With Wynd Halo, they are also introducing Air ID that determines the composition of the air with the help of sensors on board and the information from the cloud.

It can detect pollen, smoke, smog, carbon dioxide, harmful chemicals and pollutants that are harmful to pets and babies. Wynd Halo can be placed anywhere. You can place it in your lounge, bedroom, baby’s room, kitchen or office. You can also mount it into your wall through the wall-mount accessory. (sold separately)

Wynd Halo has a variety of sensors that it use to detect the composition of air around you. These include sensors that can sense general particle level, VOCs (odors, toxic smells), Carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, light, Noise, Allergens, smog and any type of smoke

Air ID

Most air quality sensors can only measure the ratio of the harmful chemicals and dust particles in the air.

On the other hand, the creators of Air ID think that it is your right to know whether your air contains pollen, smoke from a fire, smog or excess carbon dioxide. By combining the raw data from the sensors present on the Halo and analyzing it with the contextual data from the cloud, it can tell what you are actually breathing.  In response to the issues detected by the Wynd Halo and Air ID, the Wynd app can recommend a plan of actions that can help you stay healthy.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

In addition to the sensors present in the Halo, the air ID can also detect harmful substances on its own. These include pollen, smoke, smog, dust, pet danger.

Optimizing air for you

Whenever Halo detects something harmful in the air you are breathing it can start actions depending upon your situation. It has 5 customizable profiles. In each situation, Halo can activate connected devices such as thermostats, air purifiers (such as Wynd Home Purifier), humidifiers and lights. The company will also be adding connections with other devices and optimizations through software updates soon. Brief explanations of the profiles are as follows.


Halo will scan the room with the help of Air ID for potential allergens. If it finds any amount allergens in the room. it will turn on the purifier to its max capability and clean the air as quickly as possible. The PM sensor of the Wynd Halo is detecting allergens with the help of Air ID.

Baby room

Babies are the most delicate part of the family. The effects of polluted air are more intense in infants than adults. That is why the baby profile in the Wynd Halo scans the room for duct, pollen and Carbon dioxide. If it detects these pollutants, it turns on the purifier and the thermostat so that the air is purified for the baby.


One of the main concerns that everyone has about the home is that they can not work properly at the home. The Wynd Halo has a solution to it too in the productivity profile. Wynd Halo will scan the air for any type of air pollutant and then it will purify the air. It will also decrease the level of noise and increase the fluorescence of the light. So that you can focus on your work easily.


The exercise mode also helps you in keeping your shape by scanning the air in your exercise room. In this mode, Halo keeps the temperature of the room down so that you can keep exercising for a longer period. It also lowers the amount of Carbon dioxide in the air so that the air you breathe in is heavily composed of oxygen.

Sleep mode

There is a sleep mode too. It will scan the air and purify it from the harmful chemicals. It will also lower the brightness and the level of noise in the room so that you can enjoy restful nights.

Wynd Home Purifier

Wynd home purifier is the actual deal here. It gets the ruling from the Wynd Halo and starts the action. It is designed to work seamlessly with the Halo so you can get better results if you connect these together. Bear in mind that the Halo can connect with any other air purifier you have in your home. The yields are not quite the same as you get with the Wynd purifier but it will get the job done. The level of results you may get depends on the number of actions your purifier can take as a result of the command from the sensor.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

The Home purifier uses the data from halo and removes germs, allergens, pollen, odor, mold and air pollutants from your home. It can clean a 1,200 square ft room in just thirty minutes. The purifier is able to achieve such cleaning speeds by using the 2x surface area of filtration and precision turbine engineering methods. It increases airflow while lowering noise which means it can clean efficiently and quietly.

The V series HEPA filter present in the machine is able to clean a broad range of pollutants from the air in both gaseous and particle state. The filter has three layers which do not allow the particles or gasses to move out with air and hence keeps the air clean.

Automated Action 

Both of these instruments are designed to work automatically. At its core, the Wynd Home purifier and the Wynd Halo are designed to work together so that you can do whatever you want and save yourself from the hassle of manually adjusting the airflow from time to time. After pairing the purifier goes to work whenever it work is needed to keep the environment healthy. It is also smart enough to only turn on when required. You can also set the timers and it will adhere to them afterward.

Image: Kickstarter

Lastly, it can also work with many other platforms. These include Alexa, nest and Apple Home kit.

If you are interested in the product, you can check the product at Kickstarter. They have all the necessary details that the consumer requires. You can also get in touch with its maker.

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