World’s only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Luxuries Beyond Imagination!

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For most, experience of travelling by air is just as good as some journey by a modern bus. Leatherette seats almost bumping into each other, salty tasteless snacks and complimentary soft drinks. Same captains dialogues and old magazines to read. Even worse, sometimes you only get a chance to read the safety instructions card, available at the back of your front seat.

Ever bumped your head into luggage compartment while standing in these ordinary airlines? Well! This may not going to be the case when travelling in Boeing 787 Dreamliner; the most luxurious private jet of the World.

A 305 Million dollars private jet is a commercial aircraft-turned private jet and is only of its kind. A commercial Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft can carry approximately between 240 to 340 passengers, but this model, reserved for businesses only, is renovated for the rich to get the true feeling of being rich.

In comparison to the wildest imagination one can get about this massive beast, it is still full of surprises and extravagant styles and comfort to deliver. The Dreamliner comes with insanely luxurious sitting area and bedrooms, high tech amenities, excellent ambiance, breath taking decor, and an entirely separate business-class seating area.

Chinese aviation charter company Deer Jet, its owner and operator, toured media and potential clients through the plane’s master bedroom, with its California king-size bed and en-suite bathroom (with shower and heated marble floors, naturally), walk-in closet with safe, art-filled lounge, dining room, gourmet kitchen galley, and guest cabin with additional lie-flat seats. In this sequence, Aviation Blogger Sam Chui took a personal tour of this lavish plane and released a seven minutes video of his remarkable tour depicting jaw dropping facilities and décor of the Boeing.

As he approached the Jet, red carpeted stairs greeted him along with Cabins crew and he entered the plane with a camera in his hand. Cinematography and audio is not well organised though, but who cares when you are getting to watch such incredible plane, one can only dream of. The journey of comfort begins with fluffy slippers that he is asked to put on right at the entrance.

The entrance of the plane gives a look of a luxurious hotel and opens into a magnificent lobby. Lobby directs you to main lounge enough for 16 passengers. The feel of wall panelling, wood floor, classy ceiling and spectacular ambience is enough to amaze anyone dreaming of this beast. Sofas are motorized and can be moved with a single button as per convenience.

Main lounge also has two dining tables, able to be laid for light snacks, hot coffee or full meals at the end of the day.

Moving from lobby to a fully enclosed, window-less, privacy prioritized master bedroom featuring a king size bed. TV (LED) is hidden inside a panel, to be used only when required. The interior of the bedroom never lets you down, when you compare it to a five star hotel room. Equipped with awesome wall panel texture and beautiful décor pieces, which adds to the beauty, this room emerges as a master piece.

The back of the plane is a 16 passengers business seating area, each seat equipped with own facilities and enough leg space to relax. This portion is reserved for extra guests on board, who can enjoy the feel of this luxurious ride.

Ride of this magnificent plane may cost you $74000 per hour. Eight hrs flight from London to New York will cost you around $592,000 and that’s a lot of money indeed. But hiring this plane means not having to share plane with strangers, stretch out in the true feel of a luxurious Hotel with utmost privacy. What else does one need!

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