Woman recorded and posted Rape of her Friend on Snapchat

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A woman from Chicago named Beth Rae Harris charged of encouraging rape of her 23-year-old friend, recording the crime and posting it on Social media, this wednesday.

According to Prosecutors, Beth and the victim were friends and had a fight with each other a few days ago, over a man they both took interest in at a party. Later they both made amends and decided to have fun together at another party where the victim got heavily drunk.

A 36 year old, Beth Harris who lives in West Ridge neighborhood is charged of getting her friend heavily drunk on purpose to get her raped by one or more men. Prosecutors say that Harris, the victim, along with some more people went to Harris’ apartment after the party where the victim passed out and Harris got a chance to encourage some men rape her unconscious friend while she records a video to post on Victim’s Snapchat account.

Next morning, the victim after waking up naked and tired, went back home where she checked her Snapchat and found her sexual images live on stories, seen by all of her added friends.

Harris, half drunk, also recorded herself in the video insulting her 23-year-old friend, seeing her getting raped. The victim instantly filed police report against her dangerously jealous friend Harris and the unidentified men she was raped by.

According to Police, except Harris, no one else has been charged of sexual assault as the men involved are yet to be taken under custody. A public defender is representing Harris while she remains in Cook County Jail.

Now the question arise is that the video was live till 24 hours, violating many community guidelines of Snapchat, but it wasn’t taken down. Snapchat hasn’t responded to the case yet but it looks like not many people ‘reported’ the content as offensive, otherwise it would have been removed.

– This Story was originally published on nbcchicago

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