With Sony’s new MyMiniFactory App, you can 3D scan your face

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Sony has done it again. They’ve created a new 3-D creator scanning app that integrates with MyMiniFactory’s new app. The 3-D creator lets you 3-D scan your face onto which you can also add a hat using the new MyMiniFactory app. You can also 3-D print the whole thing in just a matter of a few clicks.

The 3-D creator app allows compatible Xperia devices to scan for a face or object in 3-D. Since then, Sony has been working to improve the app and add new features. The most recent development has been its integration with the new MyMiniFactory app.

MyMiniFactory is a 3-D printable object sharing platform free to use for everyone. However, the company has now come up with an app that lets 3-D printer owners check their phones for 3-D printable objects. This opens up new opportunities for 3-D printer owners such as 3-D printing your own face.

Other than that, it just makes the 3-D printing process more convenient now since you won’t need to use a PC anymore for most of your prints. Phones are more easily accessible (and with us at all times) therefore an app that lets you scan and print 3-D objects from your phone would make life so much easier.

As well as being able to search through over 40,000 objects, it’s also possible to upload scans from Sony’s 3-D creator scanning feature using the MyMiniFactory android app.

So if you prefer to get your 3-D prints from your desktop then you can directly upload them from the app instead of going through the hassle of transferring data from your phone to PC through a USB. The company hopes to make the process of 3-D printing be it from a desktop or your phone much easier through integrations like these.

How it works

You can scan your face or some object using the Sony 3-D creator app. You can then choose to share the 3-D scan using the MyMiniFactory app. Keep in mind only compatible Sony devices can use the 3-D creator app.

Once the 3-D scan is complete and shared, a remix can be made in just one click. For example, you can add a hat to your face and much more, imagine 3-D printing Snapchat filters. The company also admitted to being inspired by Snapchat filters.

Sony also added that they will be adding much more features in the future. They claim to be “adding a whole new layer of fun and social sharing to the 3D scanned head. It has never been so easy and magic to edit and remix a 3D scan.”

If you’re content with the 3-D scan you’ve shared and whatever modifications you’ve made to the original scan, MyMiniFactory’s app then gives you the option for printing, just one click, and your scan will be printed.

This feature also enables you to send your 3-D prints from your phone to your printer. This is a much simpler process compared to the process you need to follow on a PC to 3-D print something. According to the people behind the app, this reduces the need for learning the complex software used on the desktop PC for 3-D printing. This does make 3-D printing seem more user-friendly and accessible to a larger number of people.

According to Sony, they’ve significantly reduced the entire process for 3-D printing to a matter of just a few clicks. This is definitely a step in the right direction as 3-D printing is becoming more and more popular these days. With more people wanting to buy 3-D printers, it’ll definitely help them if the entire process is made simpler for them.

You can find the MyMiniFactory app at the Google Play store if you don’t have the Sony 3-D creator app. If you already have the app you can find the MyMiniFactory app from within the Sony app. However, keep in mind that the creator app works with specific compatible Sony devices so make sure your device is compatible before downloading.


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