With only hardware upgrades, Apple iPad 2018 is still the best value for money – Here’s why!

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The tech-giant Apple, once again became the center of attention when they released the all new Apple iPad 2018 just this month. The gadget was shown to the public at a special education-themed event which took place at Chicago.

Though, it might not be exciting to be honest, since the iPad mainly received an internal update. On the contrary, it is still the best tablet you can get your hands on as of now. Many of us expected that Apple would use its similar design on the iPad with an edgeless display as on the Apple iPhone X. Not only this, but there isn’t the FaceID either. Basically, with some hardware upgrades, you can simply call the new iPad as just an ‘update’ of the old 2017 entry level iPad.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the iPad. Apple has always been able to lock in their customers, due to their great quality products, and this iPad surely falls into the same category. It is true, that the iPad isn’t cheap to get, but still the best out there.


Here Apple may cause a bit of disappointment to you, as the overall design feels the same as it has always been. If you see it from the outside, there isn’t a single difference between the last year’s iPad and the 2018 version. Therefore, if you had bought any sort of cables, or stands or sleeves or stuff like that for the previous year’s iPad, then you can safely use those ones without a problem.

The screen size is a perfect 9.7 inch, which can easily be handled and yet effective as a tablet. Though, if you are a fan of larger screen sizes, then you need to go for the iPad Pro models, which are offered in either 10.5” or 12.9”. The home button is still present there unlike the iPhone X with the simple TouchID feature which the Apple has had for quite some time now.

As for the screen resolution, it is 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The retina display is surely going to offer some crisp video quality. The good news is that there is also fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating on the screen. This will prevent the screen from getting the usual smudges. If you want to avoid them altogether then you can opt for the Apple Pencil. The LED-backlit panel makes color reproduction great too.

The speakers are at the bottom of the tablet as has always been. Another difference between the Pro and the base model would be that the Pro version has 4 corner stereo speakers. Though, if you aren’t an audiophile and don’t care much about sound, then the base model iPad’s speakers are sufficient for you.

Another good aspect of the device is its weight. Weighing just 469g and measuring a mere 7.5mm in thickness, you can easily carry the iPad On the Go. Just add 9g for the cellular model.


Apple’s products without a doubt are the forerunners when it comes to performance. The 9.7 inch iPad is powered by the A10 Fusion Chip. This Chip was used in the 2016 Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Though it isn’t exactly equal the A10X chip that powers the iPad Pro model, and not at all near the latest Apple A11 bionic chip on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X, it still better than even most smartphone chips out there.

Keeping in mind that this is a tablet, and with a RAM of 2GB, the iPad won’t lag behind in performance in any way. If you want to grasp what all this really means, then simply put, Apple managed to improve the performance of iPad up by a whopping 40 percent as compared to last year’s. Not only that but the Graphics have also improved nearly more than a half times. Therefore you easily multitask without any worries and run heavier games.

If you really really need more computing power, then only should you go for the iPad Pro. Otherwise, the base model iPad does the job pretty efficiently too.

New Features

Apple released its Apple pencil back in 2015. Now, this year’s iPad seems to be perfectly compatible with the forgotten Apple product. Therefore, it offers immense opportunities for teachers and educational staff as well one oneself since it increases productivity.

To make people perhaps buy the Apple pencil, and to attract them, there is now even a separate section in the App store. This contains only those apps which are compatible with the Apple Pencil. Good news is that Apple also updated its own apps like Pages, to be able to function with the Apple Pencil as well.

Though you would need to buy the Apple Pencil separately as it isn’t included in the package, yet it is a great tool for creativity purposes.

Apple did its best to keep the price of the entry-level iPad affordable for all. That is why they didn’t really upgrade much as other companies do, but that would have only added to the cost. What they did upgrade still stands out among the masses.

Yes, we all were downright wishing for a substantial increase in RAM at least, or maybe that there should have been a Smart Keyboard connector as well, but it was up to Apple to decide how to make the best value for money iPad.

If you already own an iPad, and it isn’t even two years old yet, then personally we won’t suggest you upgrade. On the contrary, if you haven’t upgraded your tablet for a while, or are new to the tablet game altogether, then this should be your tablet to be.

Though there are a couple of other alternatives in the form of Amazon and Android tablets, by far the entry-level iPad still remains the best option for those looking for the best tablet on a limited budget.

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