Windows 10S release date, features, and limitations

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Microsoft has finally launched latest windows 10S edition officially on 2nd of May 2017 with its incorrigible features. It is updated version of windows 10 pro. Windows 10S is not similar to Windows 10 pro as it sounds apparently. Windows 10 has Window’s store that is a central source of downloading products. It has banned desktop programs. Windows 10S is the lighter versions of the operating system in windows 10 family.

Following are the most important Windows 10S features and limitations.

What is Windows 10S?

Windows 10S is the lighter version that’s why it is compatible with less storage devices. Windows 10S has reduced power consumption. It has long life battery.

A Windows store has very good collations of latest apps, games and of other products.  It allows users to only install all apps, software from windows store.  That is more easy and secure way to install or update any application.

Window’s store protests system from virus and malicious software by allowing users to download directly from window’s store. All of the products are completely free to install. Microsoft office 2010 and office 360 are also available free of cost.

The layout is quite simple it is really easy to use as it is similar to windows 10 pro. The most noticeable about Windows 10S is, it needs very less space that is way Windows 10 also known as the lighter versions of windows 10 OS series.

Numerous operating system (OS) have been launched. The most famous in today’s industry are Chrome operating system and, Google’s OS. Chrome operating system and, Google’s OS are specifically designed for Chromebook platform.  Windows 10S is still among the leading operation systems in the market.

Does it support desktop software?

No, it does not support desktop software. It only allows downloading from windows store. It may possible some of the apps, games, and software couldn’t be installed due to its unavailability. To cope with this problem Windows 10s provides the amazing feature of switching windows 10S to windows 10 pro.

Switching process is not too hard. It could be done apparently. On the other side, it is not too much easy that student could easily switch windows versions.  Once you have switched to windows 10S to windows 10. It allows you to switch back to windows 10S pro. It is a really amazing feature.

Whenever you try to download and install desktop programs notification popups “its banned program”. Windows 10S suggest you related products,

Which search engines does Windows 10S support?

Windows 10S has made their users more specific and limited. Web-based browser or search engine is not compatible with windows 10s. Such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer. These browsers could be available if would be available in windows store. It allows the user to only use either Edge or being a search engine.  Being is Windows 10S default browser.

Is Windows 10s officially Availability for sale?

Windows 10s is not yet available on the market for sale, but it can be seen as default operating system of latest launched device in the industry. It is free of cost for educational institutes. Windows 10S is released to facilitate the educational sector.

What is Windows 10s laptop price?

Windows 10s is running operating system of Surfacebook that is recently launched by Microsoft. It has approximately $1000 price. It is more like Apple’s MacBook. The pricing range of Laptops having default Windows 10 operating system is $189 to   $299 that is about £146, AU$251 to £239, AU$396. Windows premium version also updating to windows 10s but the price is not yet confirmed.

How is Windows 10s performance?

Windows 10s has better performance as compare to windows 10 pro versions. Windows 10S does not allow windows stores application, games and other software to interact with other parts of OS. It does not have any access to registry files of the operating system. That makes the system more secure and helps to enhance system speed.

Windows 10S has reduced startup time that is only 5 seconds. As compare to previous version windows 10 pro startup time was about 30 – 40 second.   It enables students to configure Wi-Fi, webcam setting in their classroom as per their need.

Windows 10S is for the people those are used to with Chromebooks. It is especially recommended for the devices that have lighter weight. It depends upon your priorities what you prefer more? If you want your system secure and you could limit your access to windows store than switching to windows 10 would be better.  Otherwise go for windows 10, if you prefer desktop software such as checking email, watching or editing movies.

Windows 10S integrates with OneDrive

Windows 10S integration with OneDrive is a great feature that helps to save your internal system storage. It allows you to save all of your data in the cloud. That could be easily accessed from anywhere. Your data remain secure for a long time.

Does it support external hardware?

Yes, it supports external hardware or device those are supported by windows 10 pro version. Such as printer but few of them may face problem in case if the device needs any external third party driver or leniency that is defiant would not be available in windows store.

Can Windows 10S join a domain?

Windows 10S could join the domain on limited networks.  For example, you could join on Azure Active Directory but not on Azure Active Directory.

Can I upgrade Windows 10 Pro?

Yes, windows developer makes it feasible for the user to upgrade windows 10 pro. But it is really expensive. It needs $49 to upgrade using windows store. Another way to upgrade is using valid Windows 10 Pro product key.

Can updates be managed?

Updates Management is a really useful feature in windows OS. It saves your time for managing updates on daily basis. Updates schedulers make possible for system administrator to schedule update at least for a month. Other mobile device software management can also be used. For example, Microsoft Intune provides updates management in windows 10s that are mobile device management software.

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