Will the Switch be Nintendo’s biggest hit?

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Japan’s multinational gaming giant, Nintendo experienced some rocky years recently, struggling to survive in a market as their new devices were unable to stand its footings and the demand constantly kept shifting towards more competitive and edgier games.

The pioneer of the industry found it hard to fit in a market that was gradually moving away from its family-friendly image as new gamers wanted much more than what they were being delivered.

But seems like Nintendo Co. after making a comeback with its Pokemon Go mobile game last year and capturing the PG-rated market that made profits profusely, is all set to provide gamers an experience worth remembering. The company recently announced that it will be releasing a range of new titles for its console the Switch.

Earlier this year, Nintendo launched the release of its hybrid console the Switch and created much hype and excitement for its latest home video-game console system. Cashing on this excitement, it further made a rather smart choice on announcing new titles that will resonate much deeper among the audience. From Pokemon to Super Mario, the Kyoto-headquartered Nintendo will move away from creating its tried and tested surrealistic virtual worlds and venture into a contemporary gaming system.

With many of the latest products slated to release soon being multiplayer, the gaming experience of many popular games, including Rocket League and Metroid, shall be enhanced. According to the company’s president of North America, Reggie Fils-Aimesthese new titles will change the game. “Travel the world, play anywhere with anyone,” he said in a video statement.

Nintendo saw shelves emptying soon as the Switch became an instant hit among the gaming generation of North America with its eccentric new design. It is said to be one of Nintendo’s fastest-selling products, raking in 40 per cent of the market share soon after its release. Last time, Nintendo made hefty revenues after its console selling like hot cakes, was when the Wii U was launched in 2006 and sold 101 million consoles in its lifetime. The company is placing its bets on the Switch and hoping the units will be sold twice the amount of the sales made by Wii.

Trying its best to replicate the Pokemon Go model, Nintendo is said to release the Super Mario Odyssey into a real life game. Whether these initiatives will rake in more profits along with a loyal fan following and active gamers, perhaps, only time can tell; most importantly, depending on the quality the Japanese company releases these new titles in.

So far all we know is that the Mario Odyssey game is all set to be released at the end of October, while other titles, such as Pokemon and Metroid, are slated to release next year.

But the good news is that there are high chances that the characters of different games shall be created in collectible figures that will be placed at theme parks as big as the one Universal Studios is currently building in Japan. “You’ll have Super Nintendo Worlds at every Universal theme park,” said Fils-Aimein an interview.

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