Why you should stop criticizing Apple when all it has been trying to do is revolutionize the world

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Apple iPhone. Sure it is quite an expensive and perhaps, a bit overpriced piece of hardware. Yet, it has always been at the forefront, when it comes to changing the shape of the Tech Industry. It has been criticized by many for a number of hard decisions it took in the past, and yet somehow Apple always managed to get away – with success.

It all starts with the first iPhone

The story of this success starts with the Apple itself when it released its very first iPhone. The first iPhone was indeed a revolutionizer since it changed the course of the mobile phone industry in a jiffy. Where people liked Qwerty Keypad BlackBerries, or the good old Nokias, Apple took a bold step by releasing a totally touchscreen-based smartphone apart from the home button. Since then, how many nontouch smartphones do you actually see now?

How the dual sim iPhone would shape the future

Let’s get back to the present. There are many memes all over the internet, which are making fun of Apple which only recently released a Dual Sim phone. The meme says something like “We’re all living in 2018 while Apple is living in 2012″. This is the problem of social media, news spreads like wildfire, even the wrong one. First of all, Apple’s dual sim phones are technically again meant to reshape the future of phones and carriers. One of the Sim slots on the new iPhones is a regular nano-sim, while the other is an e-sim.

Without going into further detail, let’s just say e-sim would allow you to change your carrier, on a single call. Imagine all the savings when you are abroad, and can easily switching to a local network without having to buy a new sim. It also means that in the future, where smartphones will only have an e-sim, there won’t be need for a physical sim, and a sim slot along with the mechanism. This would lead to even slimmer phones, and perhaps a bit of battery boost.

Now, what people don’t understand is, that Apple’s decision to feature a dual sim phone isn’t that it caved in to dual-sim demand, but that it wanted its users to slowly adopt e-sim functionality which isn’t supported right now in many parts of the world, but if the demand grows, then surely it will. There is always a step towards something, and this is the step we are looking for. Yes, Google did implement an e-sim in their Pixel phone but never bothered to market it properly. Besides, Apple phones are used by a majority of users, and hence an incline towards the new e-sim technology would only speed up the process.

Headphone Jack had to Die, there was no space on board.

Here comes the rant of them all- No headphone jack. What people don’t realize is that in an era where everything has gone wireless, it is time to throw away those old wired headphones, and get the wireless ones. Nobody is asking you to buy the over-expensive Airpods, but there are a plenty of other options out there. Who has the time to sort through all that “wire” mess the wired earphones make? Besides, going wireless gives you the level of comfort which no wired headphones can when it comes to listening to music while being away from your phone. It was time that it killed the headphone jack, since somebody had to do it, and did it slow down iPhone sales? No.

According to Time Cook, Apple’s CEO himself, “Everyone is trying to become Apple strategy,” he said. We do not expect external evaluation of our strategy, but I think in the market there are a large number of copying our strategy, and people realized its significance. I think Nokia is a reminder to all in the industry, you need to continue to innovate. The lack of innovation means death.”

USB Type-C and how Apple is making sure of its Mass Adoption

Let’s come to the MacBook and Type C debacle. Trust me when I say Apple knows what’s good for you, it does. The 2015 MacBooks and its newer model only supports USB Type-C port. Now many would argue about the hassle it is to have all the dongles and adapters, but Apple knows that the future is Type-C and it surely is. It is just helping in paving that path so that the majority would adopt the USB Type-C standard which is far far better than its predecessor. With the Type-C not only can you connected your mobile devices or flash drives, but you don’t need to have a VGA or HDMI or any other port on your laptop (Not even the power jack) – It supports nearly everything. The time is near when we would be seeing a mass adoption of Type-C and then maybe you will realize Apple was right after all.

Is Appl really revolutionizing the world – Final Verdict

From what seems is that Apple has been trying its best to offer the best customer experience as possible in the present and also in the foreseeable future. Indeed its actions might come off as manipulating, but at the end of the day, they are really what’s the best for us.



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