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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster confirmed – Trailer to be shown on N7 Day

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One of the greatest science fiction games of all time is indisputably Mass Effect. It was created by Bioware, a developer also known for the acclaimed Dragon Age franchise. Mass Effect came to consoles and PC on November 20, 2007. The game became an instant hit, owing to its superb writing, freedom of choices, and characters. In fact, the first game was so well-received that Bioware was able to follow up with two more sequels. Thus, the Mass Effect trilogy became iconic for its impact on the video game industry, especially as a popular sci-fi series.

However, many fans note that the trilogy has not aged well. Frequent sources of hesitation for new players trying to enter the series include the outdated graphics. While graphically decent 13 years ago, the advent of 4K gaming, raytracing, and fast loading SSD’s changed things. Simply put, the entire trilogy is still in sore need of a remaster. That is why a recent announcement of an event has hopeful fans ecstatic.

The core gameplay of Mass Effect was revolutionary and set the bar high

Prior to Mass Effect, gamers didn’t really have a lot of sci-fi options. Sure, there existed niche, alien-oriented games that delivered cringe rip-offs of what made Star Wars and Star Trek so successful. Without pushing away less geeky gamers, and tastefully building up a lore-rich universe, the game epitomized sci-fi done right. In addition, the game eschewed the saturated first-person shooter-style in favor of a third-person camera at all times. Bioware, in what would later become its signature, gave the supporting characters rare levels of depth and writing.

Of course, games like Halo pre-dated Mass Effect, and also enjoyed lots of success. But few other games could hold their own in terms of tightly-written plot, multiple choices and endings, and memorable characters. So iconic is the Mass Effect trilogy that November 7 is known as N7 Day to fans. This fun little occasion references the special armor of Commander Shepherd (the protagonist). It is also on this day, since 2012, Bioware often chooses to unveil new updates on the franchise.

Bioware is clearly hesitant to fully commit to the Mass Effect franchise again

However, the lack of formal announcements regarding the fate of the Mass Effect series shows Bioware’s trepidations. And this isn’t surprising. After 5 years of silence following the end of the trilogy, Bioware used N7 2016 to unveil the fourth game. This game, set much apart from the events of the previous trilogy, was called Mass Effect Andromeda.

Despite tremendous hype, the game released in March 2017 to mixed reception. The game, rife with technical problems and lackluster plotlines, became known as one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. The game underperformed, to the point where Bioware even canceled DLC plans.

In the meanwhile, Bioware’s other major franchise, Dragon Age, is still enjoying a high point. That series, last releasing as Dragon Age Inquisition, still has hype and expectations for the next installment. Furthermore, the company’s latest game, Anthem, is still receiving overhauls following negative reception. In the midst of all this, the company just hasn’t officially unveiled any Mass Effect remaster news.

The live stream might be their chance to formally confirm a remaster

With N7 2020 so close, former voice actors for the Mass Effect trilogy announced a live stream. Most of the voices behind the games’ core cast will announce some news regarding the dormant franchise. After all, the existence of a remaster is all but confirmed. In fact, a South Korean retailer even accidentally slipped the name of something called ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition.’ So fingers crossed that tomorrow is finally the day.

For more news and coverage about tomorrow’s N7 day event, stay tuned!

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