Why buying an iPhone right now isn’t a wise idea

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We know how tempting it can be to buy the all-new iPhone X or iPhone 8, especially if you are in need of a new phone but if you haven’t yet bought one, you are better off waiting for another month.

The reason is quite simple: Apple usually always releases new iPhone models every September, and since it is almost the end of August now, it doesn’t make sense to not wait about a fortnight for the new iPhone lineup. Indeed, iPhone X with its massive display and Facial Recognition courtesy the FaceID, are surely mouthwatering, but the newer iPhones are going to be even better while also adopting the current features found in the flagship.

That said, the iPhone X also happens to be the most expensive iPhone ever, so spending at least $999 on the base model when a newer, better iPhone is just around the corner just doesn’t make sense. It is expected that Apple would add three new iPhones to its lineup this year. One would certainly be the successor to iPhone X, the other an iPhone X Plus, and a more affordable 6.1 inches LCD version of the former.

The newer iPhones usually improve the performance by nearly 20 percent and usually are packed with some surprising new features. Who knows Apple might ship the newer iPhones with a Fast Charger right out of the box, or heck even a wireless one.

Also, if you are still inclined on buying the iPhone X or 8, you are again better off waiting as Apple usually offers hefty discounts on its older products. Though the word around town is that Apple would pull the plug on iPhone X, you would still be able to find the phone through retailers at some amazing price cuts. The iPhone 8 or 8 plus are also expected to be even more affordable and then there are always retailers and carriers who want to offload their inventories by offering crazy sales.

In addition to this, only if you can wait till November, Black Friday is just around the corner, and during the week, the customer is utterly the winner. Else, you can just wait till the 11th of September, the day on which usually Apple announces its new iPhones, and then buy an iPhone 6s through iPhone X at a much lesser price than you would think.


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