While Fortnite left players hanging with its invite event, PUBG Mobile steals the limelight with its sudden release

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Don’t have a PC or console to play PUBG? Say no more, you can now experience the game’s extraordinary multiplayer on your phones or tablets. The game has been released for all Android and IOS devices in the United States, Europe and Asia and it’s completely free!

Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds was the hot topic of 2017. The game was already popular amongst PC gamers until it finally arrived for consoles through the Xbox One. Since then, the game became even more popular and had become the main topic for social media for months. For those who are still unfamiliar with PUBG, it’s an action-packed online multiplayer game that hosts a 100 players at a time. The players hunt for weapons and fight to the death until one person, the winner is left.

This was of course until Fortnite became popular. Fortnite: Battle Royale has since become the most popular multiplayer game and it keeps on growing as Epic Games are introducing new game modes alongside getting mobile versions of the game too. Surprisingly enough, if you look at Fortnite, the concept is pretty similar to that of PUBG. Some people go as far as calling Fortnite a cheaper version of PUBG.

However, ever since Fortnite came along, the attention shifted from PUBG to Fortnite. Many people still play the former, but it’s not as red hot as it was a few months ago thanks to its newer rival. What makes Fortnite the better option is its low requirements and the fact that it’s completely free to play. Now that Fortnite will be getting IOS and Android versions of the game, the game is likely to grow even further. However, for now, IOS users can’t hop on directly to Fortnite on their smartphones as they need an invite to do so.

The invite event has left many players frustrated due to the slow nature of the process. It seems that PUBG has taken advantage of the situation and has come out with its own smartphone version of its game. The mobile version was launched in China during its test phase and to the surprise of many, it actually performed really well. Although the graphics were watered down compared to its console and PC versions, it didn’t look that bad on a phone screen.

The phone version of PUBG is completely free, and now that it’s out before Fortnite’s mobile version, it gives the former a chance to make a comeback. The mobile version of the game isn’t bad either. As mentioned already, it performs well which no one expected given the nature of the game. There’s so much happening at the same time during a game of PUBG that’d make it hard for a phone to handle. However, it seems that the game developers have found the right balance to make everything work.

As shown in the photo above, the game has the “shoot” button on both sides of the screen which makes it easier for the player to shoot especially during an intense fight. You can also lock your player to run in a specific direction, some of these features aren’t in the PC and console versions of the game. This post goes into depth regarding the performance and features of PUBG’s mobile version.

Furthermore, PUBG’s game developers have made it easier for newcomers to the game to learn and adapt to the game’s style by adding bots for lower level players. As you rank up higher, you’ll eventually see fewer bots and more actual people.

PUBG mobile will spice things up given Fortnite’s current position in the online multiplayer scene. However, PUBG mobile is a welcome addition for many especially those who do not own a PC or console. The game will soon launch in other regions as well, however, if you’re from Canada or the United States, you can get it for Android here and for IOS here.

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