WhatsApp is finally bringing Dark Theme to its App

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When it comes to mobile apps, Dark Mode is the new cool these days. Apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and even Twitter have had their fair share of Dark Mode treatments and others are following suit. However, there was one widely used app that people had been waiting for to go dark. That happened to be WhatsApp and, good news, it will be going dark soon.

Now, hold on a minute. Before you get excited, let me tell you that there’s no knowing when this feature will be rolled out to the general public. People who are part of the WhatsApp Beta program have reported the addition of a dark mode option in the app settings. As far as we know, this is available in WhatsApp Beta versions 2.19.366 on Android and on iOS.

While the Beta programs for WhatsApp seem to be full for both platforms, you may get lucky if you own an Android smartphone. The Beta version of the app is available on several websites online and you can manually install it on your device to check the feature out yourself. In case you do go for it, remember to download it from reliable sites and do it on your own risk as some places have malicious files.


However, in case you have decided against it or (in case you have an iPhone) can’t do it at all, then here’s what happens. The UI of the app is pretty much the same as it is now, including all the features. In fact, if you take the look at the new app, you won’t even notice any difference. What will be different, though, is when you open the Settings, there will be an additional option for Theme. Upon pressing it will give you three further options:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • System Default

The first two options are pretty self explanatory, however, the third one is something that most of you will probably go for. It syncs up the theme of the app with the theme you’re currently using on your device. If you’re using a dark theme the app will automatically go dark and vice versa. We’ve seen the same on Instagram, however, there you don’t have the option to un-sync the theme from your device.

So, by now, you might be wondering what’s the hype behind Dark Modes on apps. Well, apart from it being the new hot thing, you’ll first have to know about displays on modern smartphones. All the recent (especially high-end) smartphones are coming with OLED displays that have the ability to shut down pixels that are completely black. This helps a lot in saving battery as comparatively, a lesser portion of the display is being lit up.

By making an app dark, fewer battery resources are being used to power the display and thus, you get better battery life. While WhatsApp, along with many other apps may not go the full black route when it comes to their dark mode, a darker color also helps. Regardless, we’re excited for the update that brings this change. Here’s to hoping that it arrives soon.

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