What you don’t know about Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone

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Who is Andy Rubin and what he has come up with?

Andy Rubin is the maker of Android Operating system and now runs his own enterprise. He has come up with a new smartphone that competes with all the leading high-end Android phones that are currently available in the market.

This outstanding phone from Andy Rubin’s is known as the Essential Phone that was officially launched on 30 May 2017. Not only is this, but a smart home automation device with the name of Essential Home is also introduced along with this phone.

The design is simple yet innovative but is quite similar to Google Pixel and LG G6 structure when combined. The price of this high-end phone is approximately same as Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, and iPhone7. You can even make a pre-order in the US at price of $699. You even get a bonus offer as the company offers a 360-degree camera for $50 (instead of $199).

Andy Rubin

Not only this phone comes at an affordable, market competitive price but also has a sound built. The processor and other compatible hardware items are of high-quality as the phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and 12 GB storage.

Even the phone specifications are much similar to Galaxy S8; however, all of its characteristics are better than Google Pixel and Galaxy S8. Everything is so good about it but the down part is that it is available in the US only and that too on pre-order only. Even the delivery duration varies from state to state.

One thing that has made it stand out among its rivals is its big display screen. It’s been the talk of the town these days as it provides quite an efficient kind of display.

Edge-to-Edge screen display

This Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone has been one of the most exciting smartphones launched in recent times due to its innovative design and screen display. It is considered as one of the boldest and modular phones due to its unique edge-to-edge screen which gives you a clear theatrical view of the picture.

Not only the size of the display is big but also have around edges, unlike any other phone. The display screen has an aspect ratio of 19:10 which can be considered wider than 16:9 which is somewhat less wide than Galaxy S8 or LG G6. The LCD is about 5.71 inches on the diagonal with having 500 units of brightness that gives a very good display scene.

The Software of the phone is adaptable to front-facing selfie camera settings and it never shows any kind of notifications, icons or pop-ups on any part of the display screen which would irritate the user. Similarly, the contrast ratio is of 1000:1 with a resolution of touch under the QHD that is approximately 1312 x 2560 pixel. This resolution is same as of its competitor’s Smartphones. Everyone loves the big display of screen as it allows having an amazing video movie experience.

This Smartphone follows the same bezel-less trends which make it top bezel almost non-existent and the whole display actually wraps around the 8-megapixel front-facing selfie cameras which makes it unique from other Smartphones.

The screen is so big that you can enjoy watching the movie as you do in cinema. The screen is protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 protection. This Essential Phone smartly makes the best use of this innovative edge-to-edge display screen by occupying most of the top part of this Smartphone and the bezels only surround the Front-facing selfie camera.

On this high-end edge-to-edge display screen, it is also having a fingerprint scanner with a unique setup of sensors inside the body of the phone. The body of this Smartphone is of titanium and is having a ceramic back which makes it break-less and even scratch-less, helping it to survive in case of a sudden drop. The body is strong and durable with a glossy finish but what makes it a must choice is its display screen.

Andy Rubin dual camera

Dual-camera with 360-degree camera accessory – Second Standout feature

This awesome Essential Phone has a front-facing camera of the 8-megapixel sensor which is much capable of recording a video of 4K while the rear view camera of this Smartphone is 13 megapixels dual RGB which comes along with a monochrome sensor and really helps in boosting the low-light shots. It has an innovative images fusion technology with the true Monochrome mode which is not present in other similar Smartphones.

It really eliminates all kind of shots taken from the secondary lens which is mostly used for monochrome sensors as designed in Huawei P9 and P10. The rear camera is having the aperture of f/1.85. It also has a hybrid auto-focus option combining different types of contrast, face detection system and IR laser assisting focus option with a 4K video recording capability. The Front-facing 8-megapixel camera is ideal for selfies with approximately of 16:9 aspect ratios and of a f/2.20 aperture. T

his amazing device has a fixed hyperfocal lens and it is also having the same 4K video recording capabilities.  It is being said that the Andy Rubin’s Essential phone has the world’s thinnest dual camera system which has ever built for a Smartphone and it is highly noticeable as the cameras do not have any sort of bump or have any mount on them.

Its dual camera shots are brighter with high contrast as compared to other traditional camera phones. This 360-degree camera has already changed the whole video making experience due to its extensive high-end features.

This Smartphone is modular which comes along with different magnetic connection that helps to allow the different add-ons like 360-degree camera, wireless charging docks system, etc. This built-in dual camera can easily make an extensive video with some exciting display features of approximately 4K.

The 360-degree camera of this Smartphone is considered to be as the world’s smallest personal camera which can easily be clipped on this Smartphone device on the top for allowing the photographer to have a very another kind of experience. The handling is very durable and user-friendly.

It is much similar to the functionality of the Samsung Gear 360 which also uses dual fisheye lenses in order to capture the best images and make them together in one unified form for creating full 360-degree videos. The 12-megapixel sensors of this Essential phone are capable of shooting a QHD video at around 30 frames per second and the shots are pretty same enough in look wise.

Similarly, the wireless charging dock allows having a quick access and easy removal process for the users. All of these accessories are much compelling whereas the two-part connector at the back is hardly noticeable as it is camouflaged in the design.


Andy Rubin’s idea behind the making of the Smartphone was to establish the machine learning AI combination with the Android operating system. It is being said that the design of the display screen of this Essential Phone is really distinct with a large front facing display with interactive fonts and bezel-less designing technique. One can easily enjoy the tablet display on a phone screen. It is just about the technology evolution which has also been added to its dual cameras settings with the 360-degree camera accessory attachment.

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