What to do if you have an old Vintage Camera

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Photography is one of the most common forms of visual art practiced both recreationally and professionally for a long time now and there’s no sign of it being replaced by anything else in the foreseeable future. What is, however, being replaced constantly is the equipment that enables us to take pictures.

After every few years, a new camera or lens is introduced that is a massive improvement over its predecessor and sets a new bar of standard that the old technology just can’t reach. That results, in the old gear to finally take its road towards becoming obsolete.

Image: diyphotography.net

What I’m trying to imply is that there’s a chance that you have an old camera or photography gear at home that you don’t need to use or might not work at all and is taking space. If you think throwing away things is the best solution here then you’re wrong as there are other ways you can get the most out of these situations.

1. Sell it

The easiest and the most profitable option here is selling all the extra equipment you don’t need. If your equipment is still in working order, you can sell it to a photography shop that deals in second-hand equipment. If it’s too old or doesn’t work at all, you can sell to antique stores that deal in vintage camera and lenses.

The main purpose of this, other than getting rid of stuff you don’t need, is that you’ll get to earn a few extra bucks but don’t expect a lot since old equipment depreciates over time as it becomes obsolete. The bottom line is that you free up space that the equipment was taking and you get some cash to spend on something you don’t mind having.

2. Use it

Now I know what you’re thinking. Previously, I referred to your equipment as stuff “you don’t need to use” and now I’m telling you to use it? Well, hear me out. There may be a chance that you don’t know what your needs are.

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Say if you’re an Instagram blogger who is fond of the vintage look on their photos and have to rely on filters to achieve it. You can use your old film camera or even a Polaroid, if its still in working order, and get a true vintage camera effect that isn’t digitally replicated.

Image: blog.art.com

3. Decoration

Probably my favourite option in this list is using your vintage photography equipment as decoration pieces. I, personally, love aesthetics and there’s nothing more aesthetic than vintage cameras.

Note that this is only a viable option if the equipment is not in working order but can be done with functional items as well. What you need to do is make sure your camera or lens is all cleaned up and polished and then place it on a shelf or table or anywhere for that matter as long as it looks good. Obviously, this isn’t as simple as it seems but if done correctly, it will take your aesthetic game to the next level.

Image: pinterest.com
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