What PUBG guns look like in real life

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Battle Royale has taken over the online gaming scene with games like PUBG and Fortnite at the center of it all. Although the former is no longer the hottest game around as compared to the latter, it’s still pretty popular and a lot of people regard it as the real Battle Royale experience.

PUBG was the founder of the Battle Royale game mode and has gained a lot of popularity since then. The unique aspect of the game is that not only do a 100 people are matched together in a Last Man Standing deathmatch, but everyone starts off with nothing. During the course of a match, people find materials and weapons that’ll aid them along the way so it comes down to pure skill and sometimes even luck. The game is highly competitive and is regarded as one of the best online multiplayer experiences ever.

The game has a ton of weapons which range from serious killers to silly weapons like a simple frying pan. Most of the weapons are inspired by actual weapons and here are a few PUBG weapons that take inspiration from their real-life counterparts:

Tommy Gun

Image: Pubg Wiki

The Thompson submachine gun also referred to as the “Chicago Typewriter” is a very old weapon that dates back as far as 1918. On the left is the PUBG version of the game and on the right is the actual gun itself. Apart from the color scheme, the gun pretty much looks the same in the game as it does in real life.

In PUBG, the gun also performs the way you would expect such an old gun would. The recoil is off the charts, the gun doesn’t allow for many attachments, something you’d expect from a gun that existed even before WW2. However, the gun does deal a lot of damage for an SMG in the game, particularly due to its .45-ACP rounds. Overall, certainly not a bad-looking addition to the game.


Image: Pubg Wiki

The AK-47, one of the most popular weapons used in online games of all time. PUBG isn’t the first game that features the highly sought after gun. It was popularized mainly through games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty and has mostly appeared on the “Terrorist” or opposing side of every game.

The color scheme PUBG chooses for the gun is a blend of old and new whereas the rightmost photo is the original, which can be found in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The weapon is popular because of its balance between high damage and accuracy, alongside its compatibility with multiple attachments. In the following image, you see an ACOG scope on the gun, giving it the range of a sniper, it’s a pretty decent gun overall.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

The Sawed-Off shotgun is one of the newer weapons to PUBG. In real life, it’s mostly referred to as “Sawn-Off” instead of the way its referred to in PUBG. The name of the gun is self-explanatory as the barrel of the gun is sawn down, hence the name.

Naturally, as a shotgun, it’s best suited for close combat and the Sawn-Off barrel allows for wider spread (with a shorter range than usual). However, oddly enough, according to the game, the gun occupies the sidearm/pistol slot which doesn’t make any sense at all, especially for a shotgun. That aside, the in-game Shotgun looks mostly like its real-life counterpart.


Image: Pubg wiki


Commonly mistaken for the MP5 in PUBG, the UMP9 does have characteristics similar to the MP5, however, it is its own gun. ‘UMP’ stands for “Universale Maschinenpistole” which is German for “Universal Submachine Gun”. Another reason why the gun is mistaken for the MP5 is not only its striking resemblance but the fact that it was made as a cheaper alternative to the MP5.

However, make no mistake about it, the MP5 does not exist in the game. Instead, the UMP9 exists and it performs like any other submachine gun, close range, high fire rate and low damage. However, the high fire rate compensates for the lower amount of damage, therefore, making it a good weapon for close-range combat.


Image: Pubg WIki

Another classic, often represented by the “Counter-Terrorists” in Counter-Strike or usually by our protagonist team in Call of Duty, the M16A4 has also been a part of many games over the year. The Gun has also evolved over the years as it used to be the standard gun for the US military.

The A4 version improves the gun, giving it overall better features such as improved grip, range, and recoil. Assault Rifles are deadly when used correctly in PUBG, and combined with the fact that the M1A64 has the highest fire-rate amongst all assault rifles in PUBG, it makes it a really deadly weapon. The only downside is the fact that you can either fire the weapon in single shooting mode or burst shooting mode, therefore, you need quite a bit of skill in order to use this weapon, unlike others with which you can just press and hold the fire button.

Overall, it’s a pretty good and deadly weapon, capable of causing some real damage if it falls into the right hands. Be sure to keep an eye out for this one and do consider the weapon before discarding it.

M249- Light Machine Gun

Image: Pubg Wiki

Another gun featured heavily in other game series, especially the Call of Duty franchise, it’s one of the community favorites. It has large ammo reserves as well as a large magazine, just like any other LMG. However, what makes it stand out is its high fire rate, something which not a lot of machine guns can brag about.

The high fire rate makes it a tremendously dangerous weapon and its huge ammo reserves make it capable of lasting you the entire match and therefore, leading you towards victory. However, there is some skill required with this gun as you can’t just hold down the fire button and hope for everything to work out, the gun has very low stability. Moreover, its high fire rate means that the ammo clip will run out fast, but its reload time isn’t as fast, which can mean bad news in a heated showdown. However, if it falls into the right hands, the gun can cause some serious damage.

MK14- Enhanced Battle Rifle

Image: Pubg Wiki

A DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) that is favored by the US special forces, of course, this gun would make it to PUBG. This gun is a powerhouse, it’s much more powerful than the other DMRs available in this game as it can cause some serious damage.

Furthermore, this gun has a full-auto mode as well that makes it deadly if it falls into skilled hands. However, it doesn’t have a good fire rate and you’d need good recoil control skills given the gun’s stability. However, the damage ensures that you don’t need to fire that many bullets and a skilled user can have a lot of fun with this gun. The rifle also gains increased stability when prone because it has a bipod as well, just like the m249 LMG.

AWM- Arctic Warfare Magnum

Image to the right: Youtube/hippo939

The Arctic Warfare Magnum or the Accuracy International AWM, it’s a long barrel Sniper Rifle that fires .300 Magnum rounds, the gun is the only sniper in PUBG to carry these type of rounds, making it very powerful and one of the most sought-after snipers in the game.

It has the max power and effective range of any other gun in PUBG and due to its outrageous power thanks to Magnum rounds, it’s only fair not a lot of people actually get a chance to use this gun. The gun is only obtainable through a rare drop, meaning chances of bagging this gun are slim. However, if you do get the gun, then you’re in for a fun ride. The gun does require some recoil control but given the fact that it’s a powerful sniper rifle, you can get the job done in one hit, so there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to the recoil.


Image: Pubg wiki

One of the most modern weapons in PUBG, it’s certainly not the first time we’re seeing this weapon in action. This weapon has been featured heavily in Call of Duty games and other shooters as well. It’s one of the best Submachine guns in those games, it’s not bad in PUBG either, in fact, it’s great.

It’s small, it’s not heavy, its a great weapon for close-combat. Like every other machine gun, it doesn’t have good range, but it has a high power rate. The vector also has decent damage for a submachine gun which makes it so good. However, without the right attachments, the recoil can be a problem, therefore, a certain level of skill is required to handle this gun. Overall, it’s a pretty decent gun to rush with in-game.


Image: Pubg wiki

The M416,  from the name it appears to be the M4 Carbine that’s used by the US military, however, that’s just the M4. The ’16’ at the end makes it unclear which gun this is from real life. Perhaps, it’s a combination of two guns namely the M4 Carbine and the Heckler & Koch HK416 though many people lean towards the latter instead of the former.

Although it’s unclear as to which gun inspired this gun in PUBG or whether both guns did, it’s much better for close-range battles than the M16A4. Unlike the M16A4, it has a full-auto firing mode that makes it deadly in intense encounters. It has a surprisingly high fire-rate for an assault rifle and it even has a good range too. However, the trade-off here is the stability, making the gun with a high fire-rate hard to handle. If you have good recoil control, this weapon will serve you well.

Let us know which gun is your signature weapon in the game and why, in the comments below.


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