What Does ‘SMH’ Mean?

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Usage of Acronyms in text messaging  

Life has become so busy ever since the technology has kicked in our lives, everything has become advanced and efficient in our lifestyle, where those long wired phones have transformed into a 5 inch smartphone and those big TVs have tuned into the slim led 4K displays and those heavy monitors and CPUs have become a 13inch laptop will 10 or even 20 times more efficient and powerful than before and the list goes on.

Talking about all these techy things and gadgets, our conversations have also become to the point and more advanced. Short emails and text messages have to take the place of those long letter people used to write back in the day where there was no hurry! Word have become shorter and acronyms have taken place in our conversation, listed below are the few very popular acronyms people are using the most in their conversations all over the social media and on text messaging and some of them are the most searched items on the Google as well.


SMH is one of the most searched abbreviations on the Google, it basically means “SHAKE MY HEAD“ and it’s used for when somebody finds something very stupid it’s a term used when words can do justice with what you are feeling so SMH is the perfect word to use in such situation. SMH can also be used as a symbol of disagreement or when you don’t want to believe in a something.

Example: I saw a person having a double cheeseburger with a diet coke. SMH.


Mean “BE RIGHT BACK” it’s also a very commonly used text message acronym which is used when discontinuing a conversation for a moment and you will be back in a while. When you are chatting with someone online and somebody knocks your door so you write BRB I will be right back in a moment.

Example: BRB, someone’s on the door


it’s the shorter version of “BY THE WAY” when you don’t want to write the full statement and just write BTW in a conversation. This term is so famous that it’s been now using informal writings as well.

Example: BTW, I forgot to tell you I got a job offer.


Another widely searched and used acronym that means “FOR YOUR INFORMATION” its quite simple and understandable acronym used when you want to add some information in your conversation.

Example: FYI, today is mom’s birthday.


Stands for “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” this is a widely used term in a conversation when you don’t want to know about something or something that is taboo to share with someone.
Example: Person 1: I ate so much that I ended up in a washroom for next 20 minutes,
Person 2: dude, TMI!


This term is often taken as a short for of BABE which is somehow true but its means “BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE”. BAE is basically used for boyfriend/girlfriend or something or someone you really love and care about. BAE can also be used for pets or non-living things.

Example: My car is BAE!

Example: I am going on a date with my BAE.


This is a slang word widely used in social media and text conversation the literal meaning of WTF is “WHAT THE FU*K” and its used when you are surprised or shocked to know or see something. It’s basically an expression used in conversation when you are emotionally trying to tell someone something.

Example: WTF, my phone got stolen!


Stands for “TO BE HONEST” it’s commonly used in a conversation where you want to be heard seriously or you want someone to trust you on what you are saying. TBH is used when someone is sharing his honest opinion.

Example: TBH, I think we have lost the game.


this is another commonly used acronym in conversation on social media which means “IN MY OPINION” when you want to share your opinion with someone or you want you people to take yours seriously about what you think about a particular thing we use IMO. Can be used as IMHO “IN MY HONEST/HUMBLE OPINION”

Example: IMO, I think you should not sell this car


XOXO is used for showing love to someone, it doesn’t have a literate meaning but its mostly means “LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES” and its used to express love to someone you care about.

Example: I am going to sleep, take care. xoxo!


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