What do we know about PS5 “Future of Gaming” event?

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The previously postponed PlayStation “Future of Gaming” live stream is scheduled for June 11, along with PlayStation 5 reveal. A lot of rumors have been surrounding this event and it is finally here.

The PlayStation “Future of Gaming” event was supposed to be held on June 4th before this as was the long awaited PlayStation 5 reveal.

However, the unjust killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers sent shockwaves all across the globe. Protests erupted all across the United States. Sony also postponed its event in solidarity with the cause.

As the official announcement reads, “We needed to step aside so key voices could be heard during this historic and important time.”

The event date was first revealed through a Twitch ad.

However, the official announcement followed soon with all the necessary details.

The event will be broadcast at 1080p and 30fps and it will be a pre-taped event. It is due to the fact that production is much easier that way. Moreover, due to COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of employees are also working from home.

The announcement promises that the games previewed on June 11 will look even better on the new PS5 with a Sony 4K television. It also recommends wearing headphones to better appreciate the cool audio work promised.

Sony plans on releasing the new PlayStation 5 this holiday season. The company claims that the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the price of the new console either. However, Sony is yet to announce the price of the new console.

Sony has already announced it’s new DualSense controller for the upcoming console. The controller features a new radical and ergonomic design. The controller also features a haptic feedback motor that makes the experience even more realistic.

Sony has remained silent so far about the new games PlayStation 5 users can expect; some third party games like Assasin’s Creed: Valhalla and Destiny 2 are promised. The digital showcase is expected to run a little over an hour.

Sony has also decided to have PS5 exclusive titles, which would only be playable on PS5 and won’t work with older consoles.

It is the first time that a PlayStation launch event will be held virtually. This gives Sony a chance to plan a more intimate experience for all of its audience.

However, it is up to Sony how it plans to cease the moment.

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